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Cosy Beach Area Cleaned in Community Effort


The cleaning crewCosy Beach and the area of Pratumnak immediately behind it was the scene of an intensive clean-up operation on 6 April, with over 100 Thais and foreigners picking rubbish out of the roadsides and the beach.


Organised by the newly-formed Green Pattaya environmental group, the effort began with 500 large, empty bin bags. The efforts began at 2.30pm. By the time the last few people stopped work at nearly 5pm, only four bags had not been filled.


Neo LothongKum, a member of the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, is the driving force behind the clean-up and Green Pattaya. He said: “I run around the Pratumnak Hill area every day and you see all the rubbish when you run. When you drive a motorbike or car, you don't see it. You go past it so quickly.


“I started to pick up rubbish and bottles on my runs. I can do it every day – taking an hour and about five or six bags of rubbish – but I won't have an impact.”


Much of the manpower was provided by Kingdom Properties, whose staff came along to clean up the streets on top of their normal day's work. Other key supporters included Savannah Sands and Orion Group.


“The number of sponsors, for a first event, was fantastic,” said Nigel Quennell, president elect at Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard. “You'll get people who do it out of curiosity, some people will do it because they know you and you'll get the media – all versions. We got internet media, magazines and radio. We left the newspapers aside this time, to give other media a chance. If they'd asked, we would have been happy to take them. We also got travel companies, photographers, videographers – a great combination.”


It was widely agreed by those taking part, as well as the organisers from the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, that this first Green Pattaya event had been quite ambitious in its scope, but had clearly been of some benefit. Despite this, the extent of the littering on and around Cosy Beach means that event the 500 bags – kindly collected by Pattaya City Hall, who also donated 150 tools and some personnel – of garbage removed on this day has barely scratched the surface.


The next clean-up in Pattaya will be on 20 April and is organised by City Hall, though it is being supported by Green Pattaya. It will target the area of Pattaya Beach directly in front of Soi 4, with efforts beginning at 8.30am. The next Green Pattaya event will be on 12 May, targeting Big Buddha Hill.


Check out our Facebook photo album of the event here.

For a more detailed article on Green Pattaya and their efforts, see Pattaya Trader issue 151 - May 2013.