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70 children can do it. Can you?

Seventy children and staff from Child Protection and Development Center and students from Thai Chinese International School came to help Green Pattaya volunteers clean the Cosy Beach. Child Protection and Development Center also sponsored this cleaning and 10,000 THB was handed over to Green Pattaya.

With the help from all the children, a very effective cleaning was conducted in just one and half hour. Fifty bags of rubbish were collected and the area was returned to its original state, but for how long?

Cosy Beach have been the target for numerous Green Pattaya campaigns for a long time. The lack of bins and a solution to the rubbish problem makes this otherwise nice beach into an eyesore for the Pattaya tourist industry. Just two month ago, Green Pattaya and City Hall removed three truckloads of rubbish from the beach. A faulty pump also creates a waterfall of sewage down onto Cosy Beach. Ironically, the waterfall is welcomed as an attraction to the beach, but you might want to wish for clean water.

Green Pattaya has conducted 16 cleanings in Pattaya, with thousands of kilograms of rubbish removed from different areas of the city. With the support from City Hall, Rotary Clubs and companies in the area and, on many occasions, Child Protection and Development Center in Pattaya.

Moving forward, Green Pattaya now need the help of local companies, schools and other NGOs to help clean more areas in and around Pattaya. Green Pattaya wants to create dedicated cleanings for each supporting institution to take care of the delicate environment in Pattaya. There is also need for refreshments, cleaning equipment and protective clothing for cleaners.

The next Pattaya Clean Up is planned for 3 May 2014 in the area of the Sheraton and Royal Cliff in Pratumnak. The next one after that will be on Wongamat Beach on 17 May 2014.

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