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Gay Burnett joinds the team at Pratumnak Clinic

By Belinda Wilson

This month we interviewed Gay Burnett a charming addition to the team at Pratumnak Clinic ( formally known as Surecell).

Coming to Pattaya via the Emerald Isle, Gay is well practiced in many conventional forms of healthcare from General Medicine ,Paediatrics and Midwifery to alternative therapies in a private clinic. Even running a trauma unit back in Ireland, she says of herself:

“Being Irish I love to chat! Especially on the subject of health care”

If you’re looking for an informed, English speaking advisor to advise you on medical troubles then look no further. Gay’s role at the Pratumnak Clinic gives her plenty of opportunity to meet up with expats and foreign visitors to Pattaya and to speak about the services the clinic offers including regenerative medicine.. a subject she is passionate about.

This passion for alternative and progressive therapies came about after she personally suffered from ME back in 1994 (then named “Yuppy Flu” ). She lost her faith in the system, when little was known about her condition and traditional methods of treatment failed to cure her. For 16 months she could hardly walk but she could read and read she did, about every form of treatment that could help her. Once her health returned to normal, she went on to treat numerous others from across Ireland in a private clinic in Monaghan, often being referred patients from the very trauma unit she had once headed because the team there knew she could help where they couldn’t.

She says of her role now at Sure Cell’s Pratumnak Clinic:

“It has many strands – Marketing our services to foreigners , educating and thus empowering people to help themselves to better health. Assessing their needs and, as the in house pysiatrist, recommending treatments , including options of physical therapy, diet and exercise, PRP and Stem cells. “

When I asked how a Physiatrist differs from a Physiotherapist Gay explained that a physiotherapist addresses specific areas that need attention e.g. a sports injury, may require mechanical therapy, massage, manipulation and dedicated exercise. A physiatrist will also evaluate the injury,examining the cause and identifying changes which should benefit your recovery including lifestyle - diet and exercise- - footwear used for exercise and physical therapy treatments with an achievable exercise program for use at home. Gay may recommend ultrasound, electrotherapy , tissue mobilisation activities , PRP or stem cell treatment.

“I am working with the team in the clinic to identify the cause of your complaint and then to clarify the most appropriate line of management whether it be physical therapy or treatments such as PRP or Stem cell injections “

For those of you who read last issue’s article about Dr Peter Lewis and the great results he has had in treating patients with Osteoarthritis, you may remember he said:

“The only thing you can do wrong is leave it too late”. A message Gay whole heartedly endorses:

“Prevention is better than cure and when problems start we should take action sooner rather than later”.and a way of determining just when and whether you will need to take a course of action will be to book an appointment to have a consultation with Gay . During which you are certain to learn a thing or two :

“I speak about common ailments including Osteoarthritis , Tendonitis and Muscle Sprain/Strain.

I speak on lifestyle issues that affect us all on a daily basis

  • Diet –including portion control!

  • Hydration (remember that alcohol is generally a dehydrant)

Focused appropriate exercises, footwear for exercise, quality sleep, stress management etc.”

For example I learnt that sleeping with two pillows can lead to back/neck problems and disrupted sleep and as Gay explained the body requires maintenance, it needs good management and nurturing. Failure to do so presents problems that can include weight gain or loss, headaches, skin rashes and joint pain to name only a few!

Some of the team’s recent successes include

A 47 year old friend who was hardly able to walk up a steep set of stairs because of her progressive osteoarthritis of both knees. Gay recommended PRP treatments and today her friend is virtually pain free and very active and declares “I got my life back ……it’s great !

Also a 72 gentleman with severe shoulder pain is now 95% pain free and his range of movements have improved with some post PRP physical therapy.

This city certainly attracts the over 40s generation, some for a few months others to retire here. However, Gay warns that with age, hormonal changes, genetic issues and or a history of injury bone and or joint degeneration is very likely. Addressing it in it’s early stage will give you a far greater improvement than waiting till the last minute!

“Regenerative medicine offers a safe form of treatment with long lasting effects, Improved function and reduced pain (if indeed any pain). I’d like to say that I am a true believer in the benefits of good health management. I believe in regenerative medicine as the way forward. It is cost effective and safe”.

“Come and have a chat with me” I will offer you clear, uncomplicated advice” The choice to use, or not to use my advice remains yours.

So to find out more or to make an appointment contact Gay - 0970099773

and check out the website for more information