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By Gloria Jones

If you have a spare hour why not do your body a favour and go see Gay Burnett at the Surecell clinic Soi 6 Pratumnak for a Bio Resonance food intolerance test. It is non-evasive, pain-free and there are no side effects. A computer is used to measure the energy response between you and specific food types and the results will help you address areas of your general health and well-being. The actual test time is approximately 30 minutes but Gay will also give advice on diet and nutrition and for those of us in need (pretty much everyone I know) and after the test (results available immediately) give pointers that will benefit your wellbeing and general health.

After all, obesity is one of the world’s greatest health challenges today with over 2 billion people now classified as officially obese and 4 million deaths in 2015 alone attributed to the condition, according to a study of 195 countries in the New England Journal of Medicine (June 12). Being overweight can also lead to serious medical conditions such as heart disease diabetes and cancer.

Also as 65% of our immune system is in our digestive tract it makes sense that identification of intolerance can be a productive means of managing our overall health.

An allergy may call for immediate action but often a food intolerance is just left as a nagging complaint and not addressed. So what exactly is the difference between the two? I asked.

Well an allergy is an overreaction to a protein that causes the body to produce antibodies in a rapid response with immediate histamine release. For example, people who are allergic to Gluten will experience conditions such as cramps and diarrhea if they eat wheat, barley or oats. In my particular case, when younger, I was allergic to peanuts which induced sudden swelling, a rash and shortness of breath. For those unlucky to have extreme allergic reactions symptoms can even include vomiting, collapse or a dangerous swelling of the throat and tongue. Obviously serious enough for the sufferer to investigate the root cause of the problem.

A food intolerance on the other hand triggers a chemical response with varying reaction times; hours, days or even weeks and less severe tell-tale signs such as bloating, weight gain, tiredness, insomnia, itchy eyes sinus pain and headaches.

As we age our bodies may become more intolerant and less able to deal with a variety of food stuffs. Do yourself and your body a favour and for just 1,500 baht and a pain free, interesting hour of your day, find out just what some of your intolerances may be. Gay is not draconian in her suggestions but rather will give you some useful tips on how to manage your diet, not necessarily to permanently exclude food types (unless they are particularly causing a severe reaction) but rather to acknowledge them know the results of eating them and monitor your intake accordingly.