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Dr. Waraporn Klanwarin Dermatologist at Pattaya International Hospital

by Gloria Jones 

Dr Klanwarin is the charming, attractive head of the Dermatology department at Pattaya International Hospital. Looking much younger than her long history of practising medicine would suggest, she really is a great personal advertisement for this department of the hospital.

I asked her when she first decided to become a doctor and she told me that as a child she enjoyed socialising and taking care of people and as she grew older decided that for her further education she would study at the faculty of medicine at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok . After the six years studying there she practised as an intern for a further three years at The Queen Sirikit hospital. At that time the Japanese government were awarding scholarships to the Institute of dermatology in Bangkok in order to increase the number dermatologists in Thailand. Dr Klanwarin was given one of these scholarships to study at the institute and after receiving her diploma she returned to Queen Sirikit hospital until joining Pattaya International Hospital in 2002.

She explained that she does not carry out surgical operations but rather the non-invasive treatments. There is a separate specialist at Pattaya International hospital who performs cosmetic plastic surgery but the type of treatments that Dr Klanwarin performs are for example the removal of permanent tattoos, birthmarks, scars and acne scars. At one time she says these would have been problems that people had to live with but now they can be easily rectified.

Often her patients will come to her with general skin problems such as dermatitis and eczema. These conditions are on the rise because of the increase in the use of chemicals and detergents nowadays. Therefore she stresses that hydration is extremely important and it is also best to avoid too much harsh soap as this can impair the function of the skin. So the doctor's advice is to cut out the use of such soaps and instead use more emollients to keep the skin functioning properly.

Also UV protection is essential, especially if you have fair skin as this will not have enough melanin to sufficiently protect the skin from too much exposure to the sun. This can lead to skin cancer in people in their 50s 60s plus. Yet with early detection skin cancer is 100% curable so it is certainly important to check one's skin for any changes from the age of 50 on, or even better to go to a dermatologist for annual check ups. Also exposure to UV rays can be extremely ageing and therefore the doctor recommends appropriate protection especially for patients coming to Thailand from a milder home climate.

Dr Klanwarin goes on to say that the skin is the largest organ in the body, we often forget that it is an organ and the body's first protection against infection and the elements. Our skin produces vitamin D and also protects against temperature excesses whilst providing immunity from infection.

As well as dealing with more serious skin problems Dr Klanwarin also provides cosmetic non invasive treatments for beautifying and anti-ageing requirements. Of late there have been many technical innovations in the field of nonsurgical treatments such as laser machinery and injections. Also nowadays the down time has significantly improved. Whereas patients once had to hide away at home until their skin “returned to normal” now the downtime may be only days or even hours because of the new technology available. This is a great help for the patients who may only be visiting Pattaya for a short time for example in their holidays. For as Dr Klanwarin says “My patients are truly international I see many European and Middle Eastern clients and also Australian and American”. Certainly her excellent grasp of the English language and gentle bedside manner are sure to make her a favourite with all nationalities.