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Doing the Pools in Pattaya

By Kevin Cain

With the onslaught of summer upon us, keeping cool is definitely the order of the day. For those readers who like myself, live somewhere that does not have a swimming pool where can you go? The obvious answer is to potter down to the beach, but there are a great number of people who hate sand getting into their prawn sandwiches, and a similar number dislike getting pestered by beach hawkers. However, if you are prepared to look around there are plenty of places that are happy to have guests or visitors to use their facilities. Admittedly some you need to pay for, but if you take into account the facilities you actually receive in return, most are well worth it.

Hard Rock Hotel -

The Hard Rock Hotel on beach road, has the Eastern Seaboard’s largest free-form pool with its own artificial beach. The pool is 2,000 square meters and is open to members of the public daily from 7am to 10pm,.The Hard Rock Hotel welcomes people to come and take full advantage of its amenities, even to the point of renting a cabana for 700 baht on weekdays or 1,300 baht at weekends.The cabana comes complete with food, beverage, minibar and massage services and of course access to the famous Hard Rock Saturday Pool Party.

Pattaya Park -

Superbly located right on Jomtien / Dongtan beach is Pattaya Park. The complex involves accommodation, a water park, a fun park, restaurants and a tower.Day visitors are welcome, and not only can you take a dip in the sea, but you can also have the thrills and spills of the water slides, whirlpool, or just relax by the pool.

Mike Shopping Mall -

Mike Shopping Mall on beach road and 2nd road Pattaya, has two swimming pools located on the 10th floor roof, there is both an adult and kids pool available open from 11am till 7pm.

Thai and Western food is available all day by the pool side, and views of Pattaya Bay are superb.Entrance fees are 100 baht for adults and 80 baht for the kids.

Baan Souy -

Hotel and Resort owner Mr Jim Lumsden has seen a niche in the market by Pattaya’s restricted beach access on Wednesdays. Whilst the authorities have deemed it for the greater good of the town, to ban sun-chairs and shade from the public beaches on Wednesdays, entrepreneurs like Jim have stepped into the breach. Baan Souy offers Wonderful Wednesdays, and for a modest 300 baht visitors can make themselves at home using all Baan Souy’s wonderful facilities, including the opulent pool and lively jacuzzi. The price includes hotel towels, showers and a complementary cocktail.The restaurant and hotel bar are also available should bather’s wish for lunch or a cooling drink.

Areca Lodge -

Situated on Soi Diana Inn is Areca Lodge which comprises two large outdoor pools and a built-in Jacuzzi. The pool is open for non residents at a charge of 200 baht per day. Visitors are encouraged to use the restaurant and the bar facilities.

Or Why not build Your Own Pool ?

Obviously if you have the room and the money, an option would be to build a pool at your home. There are many firms that would be happy to accommodate you in this, such as: Lomatec, Pattaya Pool Co, S.L.Young etc.But if you feel adventurous and are pretty good around the home, why not build your own DIY pool. This might not be the easiest task, but it is possible as long as you get a few fundamentals right.

Firstly determine the function of your pool, whether it is for just adults or the whole family, and is to be indoors or outdoors. Indoor pools are a lot harder to construct and far more expensive.

Also do you need a more substantial construction or an above ground more economical one.

Secondly, what is the pool size you require? The greater the size, the more the cost, but remember that a rectangular pool is the cheapest to build.Thirdly a construction plan will be required, and is vital to the success of the project. The plan will help with materials, construction times, maintenance costs etc.

Bear in mind on normal constructions you are always likely to use more concrete than you initially thought. Plus remember that you will have to dispose of the dirt after digging. Diggers, plant equipment etc. often cause damage, so you need to build in some leeway for repairs after construction.Lastly, carefully select all the equipment that you will need to operate and maintain your pool. You need to take into consideration: power, filtration, overflow systems, hydro massage, fountains and waterfalls, lights, fencing, gas heaters, patio equipment, patio furniture, control panels and pumps.

Building your own pool is not as difficult as you might think, you do not have to use expensive materials to get really good results. Most of the equipment will be hidden from view, so buy you can opt for functional rather than brand names.Then for the aesthetics around the pool, go for clean looking and practical. This always looks well and is easier to maintain. To keep prices down further, pitch in with the donkey work as much as you can, and call in some favours from mates.At the end of it all, you will not have to look anywhere but your own back yard for a nice cool dip. Then when the hot summers come around you can look forward to them as much as the tourists do.