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Dog Training by Rebecca Roper

Rebecca Roper is a paid consultant to the SPCA.  Her on-line training course has been endorsed by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers of New Zealand. She is also a full member Pet Professional Guild. 
When I was introduced to dog training 17 yrs ago it was very much based on antiquated militaristic methods.  Choker chains, shock collars, forcing submission (and worse) were all used to get our ‘best friend’ to behave.   For some reason, humans think they need to dominate other species and bandy about names like ‘Alpha Dog’ or ‘Pack Leader’. Unfortunately, the dogs who ‘submit’ to their owner are actually fearful or anxious.  They are afraid of the consequences of doing something their owner deems inappropriate.  As a result, they just stop trying.  It’s a sad sight to see.
Rather than trying to rule over our dogs, why don’t we think about teamwork?   If we can give them clear direction and great motivation they will work very hard for us.  I’ve been competing in dog sports for 15 years and it’s very apparent just how rewarding great teamwork can be. I love seeing my dogs perform well but mostly, I enjoy the bond with my dogs. Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures. Understanding your dog will help with better communication, it will build a great relationship and a lifelong bond.
I’m a ‘crossover trainer’.  That is someone who started out using  ‘old-school, dominance based training’ and then changed to positive reinforcement, force free methods.I was never that keen on using force and felt early on that there must be a better way of training. I’ve been a force free trainer for nearly 12 years after learning clicker training first hand from a world renowned clicker expert (Kay Laurence U.K.).
Dogs (or any animal) will learn longer-lasting behaviour through positive reinforcement.   It made a huge impact on my life (and not just with dog training). 
An online dog training course …….Designed for people who want a better relationship with their dog but are uncertain as to how to achieve it.
This is why I’ve created an online dog training course so I can show others how to train with positive reinforcement.  Designed for people who want a better relationship with their dog but are uncertain as to how to achieve it.  It’s for those who can’t attend a training course but want professional help and is easy to follow while still challenging you to understand your dog better. -  Plus it’s very affordable!
It may seem quicker to get a “Sit” by pushing your dog’s bottom down, or pull their lead towards you to get them to “Come” but what are they really learning? Did they choose to sit, or to come to you?  No.What happens to your recall if your dog is not on a lead?  Will your dog make the wrong choice and ignore you?   Do you then go after your dog and punish him for not coming?   Using force and physical or verbal punishment is not training.  In fact, the more forceful you are with your dog the more fearful he will most likely become and even aggressive. Fear aggression is the main type of all canine aggression. 
If your dog really, truly understands the basic behavioural cues (sit, down, stay, heel and come) then a lot of behavioural problems go away.   It’s also important to teach your dog impulse control.  Yes, this can be taught and my course can show you how.
As a trainer for my local SPCA I see a variety of dogs with a range of issues and  behavioural problems.  They come with little or no history so it’s important that choice and rewards are used to build their trust. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly dogs learn with the opportunity to have a choice, and how quickly they learn with positive reinforcement.  
Although I am based in New Zealand, I have many clients in other countries including Thailand.  If you would like to know more, follow me on Facebook or if you are interested in an online training course check out this introductory video:  click here
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