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Day of fun -  where to spend a day with children?

The rainy season is gone and sunny days came back to Pattaya. It's time for walks and activities at open air. So, where to spend one of this hot sunny days with all family? Where children could get the plenty of fun and parents could spend a good interesting day? Trader recommends:

day with family pattaya trader recommendsCartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

The world's first Cartoon Network themed waterpark is set to make a huge splash on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard, in late 2014.
With 10 entertainment zones to discover, guests can spend an entire day exploring the irrepressible world of Cartoon Network. From powering up with Ben 10 on all-new high-speed water rollercoasters, or going vertical with Jake from Adventure Time, there is an exhilarating splash landing for guests of all ages. For the little ones, Cartoon Network's characters, such as Gumball, Darwin and The PowerPuff Girls await them at Cartoonival, the world's largest aqua playground with over 150 water attractions!
Cartoon Network Amazone is located in Bang Saray, just a 20-minute drive south of Pattaya, not far from Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.
Open hours: 10am to 6pm
Ticket price: 1290THB for adults and 890THB for children, students and seniors (for Thai Citizens and residents)

day with family pattaya trader recommendsPippo Pony Club

Welcome to the fairytale kingdom. Children will be delighted with pony riding, fairy landscapes and The Smurfs village. It's also a good place for adults to remember how to be a child.
Pipo Pony Club is in 15 minutes driving from Pattaya by highway No 7. Just follow the signs.
Open hours: 8am to 6pm
Ticket price: 200THB for adults and 150THB for children.




day with family pattaya trader recommendsPattaya Sheep Farm

It is a new relaxing place in Pattaya. Pattaya sheep farm is the first sheep farm that perfectly combines the atmosphere of beach with coconut trees and greenery farm.
Children could feed and play with animals. Or attend a drawing lesson. And parents would enjoy delicious steaks in restaurant.
Pattaya Sheep farm is in 15 minutes driving from Pattaya, not far from The Regents International School.
Open hours: 9am to 7pm
Ticket price: 50THB per adults and children