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Dr Peter Lewis was back in town for a few days so I took the opportunity to have another chat with him about his clinic on the right hand side of Soi 6 just before Pratumnak Road.

I first of all asked him if he preferred the name “Sure Cell” or “Pratumnak Medical Centre” and he replied that he is happy for patients to find the clinic by either name. “Sure Cell” which is internationally well known but the “Pratumnak Medical Centre” being more relevant to Pattaya. He also went on to say that “Sure Cell” is widely associated with stem cell treatment and not normally what people would automatically think of/search for when asking “Where can I go to get my knee looked at ?”.

Getting “your knee looked at” is certainly something you should be considering Dr Lewis for, as he has now treated a staggering 12,000 patients - as he warns:

“The Only thing you can do wrong is leave it too late”

He looks at arthritis in the knee in terms of 4 stages: 1 being the patient’s complete unawareness of the problem 2 and 3 a rising rate of twinges, discomfort and pain with finally 4 a “bone on bone” situation at which time people are usually contemplating knee replacement surgery.

“At stage 2/3 Sure cell have no failures but don’t wait until grade 4”.

That said, he was keen to tell me of a recent case with a lady in Bangladesh who at grade 4 was being treated for severe bilateral osteoarthritis (both knees to you and me) As only one knee can be operated on at a time Sure Cell were “offered the other knee” so that the stem cell treatment could be pitched “head to head” with orthopedic surgery. This proved to be a very important case as the family were involved in a new clinic in Bangladesh. Delighting in their mother’s recovery (both knees are now fully functional) they were only too keen to effect introductions and help with the recent introduction of Sure Cell’s newest clinic in Bangladesh.

Dr Lewis has just returned from there extremely excited with the initial response. The 2 foremost TV stations there have given him face to face interviews and the clinic’s opening is being announced as “Big news for Bangladesh”.

This now takes the company’s total number of clinics worldwide to 14 with:

3 in New South Wales

7 in Melbourne (spread throughout the suburbs and focusing on special interests e.g. 1 more focused on cosmetic treatments, another in sports related injuries, et.)

1 in Tasmania,

Ours here in Patttaya

The newest in Bangladesh

And the 1 in Fiji . Not because this is Dr Lewis’ preferred holiday destination – as I quipped but because a doctor trained by him went back to Fiji to open a clinic there.

So what can you do if you want Dr Lewis to “look at your knee’ – well you should make an appointment at the Pratumnak Medical Centre on 090 980 3405 where the friendly, efficient staff will be sure to let you know when he is “next in town” (generally a few days every 4 weeks)..

He also recommends that if you come to see him armed with X Rays to be sure that they have been correctly taken as not all hospitals automatically do this, i.e. that you have a weight baring X Ray ( you are standing when the X Ray is taken) or a “Sky line” X Ray that looks down at the back of the knee cap. This is required whe you are experiencing pain moving up and down stairs (rather than when lying in bed at rest) as it can indicate arthritis at the back of the knee. Certainly you should get both knees checked out as the 2nd may not be giving immediate grief but have a problem that will need sorting sooner rather than later.

Most importantly for us all, the Dr’s recommendation is that we all watch what we eat and exercise:

“Cut out sugary foods, white rice, bread and breakfast cereals. Eat more fish and green vegetables and get on an exercise bike”. Even 5 minutes every morning on an empty stomach will reap benefits.

“Obesity, Arthritis and Diabetes are the new epidemics” and patients at Pratumnak Medical centre are always given exercise and dietary advice to go with their treatment.

For more information please contact 090 980 3405 or