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When looking at the advantages of visiting a local clinic rather than a large hospital I would cite repeat appointments with the same doctor right up there at the top of my list. Dr Li of the The Sure Cell Pratumnak Medical Centre is certainly a doctor you will want to visit repeatedly. Why? Well firstly he has over 10 years experience in his chosen field of cosmetic treatment. The last 15 months here in Pattaya but prior to that in clinics all around Thailand from Udon Thani, Chantaburi, Chonburi and his very first clinic at Patong Beach, Phuket.

Then there is his perfect English which makes discussing requirements and procedures a pleasure rather than a headache as those of us who cannot speak Thai will attest to, if having struggled in the past to make oneself understood with a mixture of Pidgeon and hand signals.. Finally there is his relaxed, manner and gentle sense of humour that will immediately put you at ease. This unhurried yet professional manner comes I would guess from the 10 years experience of looking at thousands of faces and answering even more questions, giving hundreds of thousands of injections and a limitless amount of extra time to general health and well being advice.

Dr Li practices what he preaches having kept up with a regime of exercising started from his earliest days at Patong Beach where the clinic owner had a gym that he was free to use. This same owner 10 years on is still his patient so keen is he to continue to get his treatment from Dr Li even though he now resides in Pattaya.

In fact the holistic manner with which Dr Li treats his patients runs throughout Sure Cell from Dr Peter Lewis through all the staff. Dr Li explains that just as Dr Lewis will want to discuss lifestyle, diet and exercise so Dr Li will do the same as a practitioner for his patients. He estimates these to be 20% Thai with the balance being comprised of a variety of nationalities: Scandinavian, Australian, American, Russian, Indian, European - to name a few. The visiting Chinese to date have not shown much interest in Cosmetic treatments as they seem to have little knowledge or interest in Cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Fillers and the more unusual Cosmetic PRP (Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment which Sure Cell specialises in - doubtless this will come. Certainly there are more than enough international patients right now for Dr Li to treat and most will come to him because of word to mouth recommendation and a reputation for patient care - richly deserved.

Dr Liapmuang Pudpong (Dr Li) General Practice & Cosmetic Doctor;

Trained in Orthopaedic Stem Cells, IV Stem Cells and Cosmetic PRP can be contacted at the Surecel Pratumnak Medical Centre Wednesday to Saturday . For an appointment

Tel (Thai) +66 90 980 3406

Tel (English) + 66 90 980 3406