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Chicken Roasted on the Spit

So recently I started my semi Atkinson’s diet. I say semi because I’m not really investigating the carbohydrate content of every piece of veg. I consume but simply making the effort not to eat bread, rice or pasta. Now this may seem easy enough but let me tell you for someone who loves bread , cheese and a good bottle of wine more than life itself, it is a very strict discipline.

However, some good things have come from this, apart from the annoyingly slow weight loss. First of all any food I do eat just seems so much more delicious than it used to when I wasn’t fixating over every morsel and secondly I have had to be a little more imaginative in my choice of food stuffs to purchase. This then leads me to my first Bargain of the month that of the chicken on a spit.

To be found around town at many road side stalls, spit roast chicken is delicious and if you take off the skin, because it has been slowly rotated while cooking not at all too calorific. Certainly a whole heap better than its nearby cousin the lip smacking fried chicken . Yes with the extra bonus of being quick and easy with the vendor cutting it up for you at 150 baht this has proven to be a good standby lunch.

Tea and Biscuits

However for those of you not worried about carbohydrates for the moment then you should take advantage of the offer currently on at Marks and Spencer’s where I regrettably cannot and that is for their bumper pack of custard cream biscuits reduced from 115 bath to just 49 baht. You can also accompany these with a fine cup of tea using their Assam teabags also reduced and not 69 baht down from 155 baht.

Watch the small print !

A word of warning to all intrepid Bargain Hunters out there: watch the small print ! It is very easy to see a coupon or offer on a leaflet and be drawn to the place advertised only to find that the offer you are interested in actually expired the week before you arrived. Also we are constantly bombarded with information via Facebook and more and more as text messages on our mobile phones. I recently received one such message from Central Department Stores with details of a promotion. Unfortunately although I had signed up to be kept in touch with promotions etc. at Central via their Pattaya Store when I looked at the bottom of the text there was a note to say that the Central stores in Phuket, Chiangmai, Hadyai and Pattaya Beach (? ) were actually not included in this promotion ! So one then might ask why send it to me ? Obviously the sophistication of sending out messages by text has not run to the sophistication of separating the contacts by geographical location so beware and likewise the expiry dates for any till receipts you may be given that will offer a discounted purchase on your next visit.

Hooters Promotions

For those of you who have not visited Hooters in Pattaya Beach road yet perhaps put off by the potential expense. Then why not plan your visit around one of their promotion events for example:

Sunday ……………….All you can eat sliders for 799 baht

Tuesday………………. All you can eat Ribs and a pint of beer 799 baht

Wednesday………… All you can eat chicken wings for 599 baht

with 2 for 1 Margaritas as well !



If you have any promotions running that you would like me to share with my readers in the Pattaya area please feel free to write to me at :

and likewise readers please feel free to drop me a line always happy to hear from you.