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Cabaret Shows

Pattaya hosts the ultimate in alternative cabaret shows through its colourful performing arts scene. The elaborate shows have gleaned world-wide fame, due to the stunning ladyboy entertainers who are the finest and most beautiful on the planet. The shows at the acclaimed Tiffany’s Show, Alcazar and The Coliseum are performed at state- of-the-art luxurious theatres and are usually so well attended that advanced booking is required.

Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

Tiffany’s was the first ever transvestite cabaret show in southeast Asia, starting in a small bar as a one-man show in Pattaya back in 1974. Since then literally millions of people have seen the stunning show every evening.Tiffany’s has now become a household name across southeast Asia and the rest of the world for first class performances and the most beautiful ladyboys in Thailand.

There are over 100 dancers and performers that will take you through time and different lands as they perform exotic routines, the choreography is second to none and the costumes dazzling. Legends come to life, glamour holds no boundaries, music pulsates and the show lasts a lifetime in the memory.


Another long established favourite in Pattaya, Alcazar Cabaret show had its first performance in 1981 in a theatre with a capacity of only 350 people. The show moved to its current location in 1990, and has been wowing 1,200 capacity audiences ever since. The sound and light system is state-of-the-art but plays second fiddle to the real attraction of the show, and that is the transvestite dancers. The 70 minute performances are shown 4 times nightly, and the energy and endurance of the dancers amaze as they gracefully glide across the stage, singing, dancing, gyrating through seventeen amazing routines.

Millions of people have laughed, sang-a-long, clapped their hands, tapped their feet as they enjoyed every second of Alcazar’s brilliant performances.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is Thailand’s newest, largest and grandest cabaret show opening its doors in June 2013. The theatre is one of the grandest in Thailand and cost THB 400 million to build in the style of a Roman amphitheatre.

The Colosseum show is presented in 16 different segments featuring a futuristic light and sound system, together with hydraulic stage superb props, scenery and wonderful costumes.

The Venue

Situated within Jomtien complex off Thappraya road is a superb hidden gem, The Venue is not as grand as the three formerly mentioned Cabaret Shows but still holds its place amongst the best venues in Pattaya.

The Venue is an intimate Cabaret Show Bar and has free admission. The full production staged in three parts is well choreographed and changes regularly every couple of days. The cast features 4 gorgeous ladyboys, a beautiful drag queen and twelve handsome male dancers.

The Venue attracts quite a big gay crowd but is not limited to that genre and is popular amongst all tourists.