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by Gloria Jones

The first thing that impressed me about BeNeat was their online booking service which rather reminded me of the Grab Taxi service of which I am also a big fan. When making your booking online you first select from the menu the size of property you have, whether it is a house or condo and then the length of time you require cleaning service for. Once done a selection of cleaners will appear on your screen that are available on your date and in your area, from which you can make your selection. Each one is rated with stars and number of reviews by their name

You then have the option of paying for your booking via card or bank transfer and upon doing so you will get a confirmation email from the BeNeat company and also the day before your cleaning service your cleaner will phone you to confirm. At this stage it is always a good idea to give any last minute details that you may need to include such as how to gain entrance, where the keys are to be left etc. etc. There is an option for doing this when making your on line booking but my cleaner Nok, had such a good level of English comprehension I was able to repeat these instructions to her over the phone.

On the day of the cleaning Nok arrived with everything she needed: Hoover, mop, bucket all cleaning implements and all necessary sprays and liquids to carry out the job in hand. Whilst cleaning I was impressed by the way she moved furniture and did not simply dust and hoover around it as I have seen other cleaners do. She was extremely thorough and really took great care to dust clean and scrub where necessary. She was also extremely polite friendly and quietly got on with a great deal of work only stopping for the occasional glass of water.

A credit to the company I was more than happy to give her a 5 star rating when prompted by a mobile message from the company about half an hour after she had left.

BeNeat also have a service for businesses which is a very good idea for offices/ companies or startups that may not want to go to the expense of hiring a full time cleaner or engage the services of a full time cleaning company."BeNeat for Business " is far more flexible than most cleaning companies as:

      - No long term contract is required

      - The cleaning schedule and each appointment can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. 

      - A tax invoice can be provided

      - Cleaning stuffs and supplies are included

      - 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and there is 10,000 Baht damage insurance for each booking

      - Also a 10% discount for a 10-times package