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Bangkok 555 Comedy Night


Three British stand-up comedians aim to raise funds for the Bangkok Free Ambulance Service using your tears of laughter. The event is hosted at the amazing new co-working space at Glowfish, just above Kuppadeli on Asoke. With amazing food, cheap drinks, live band and DJ we hope you will have a fantastic evening and help us raise funds for the Bangkok Free Ambulance service so they can go on saving lives.

The Comedians

Your three comedians for the evening are a big mix of all that is great about British style comedy.

Graham is an award winning comedian with years of experience, Tristan a seasoned comedian at open mic nights. Carl, the organiser, is a newbie to comedy with a cheesy happy style of jokes.

Tristan Botly - A man from the era where the sun never set, now thrown into the crazy life of an expat making his way in Asia. Tristan brings to life his world and the people he meets with hilarious observations and storytelling.

Graham Wood - UK comedian 6 years....untold festival performances and award winning TV appearances and writer for top names in UK.

Carl Heaton - A newbie to the stand-up comedy scene but has already proved himself to be able to bring a tear to your eyes with his cheeky and cheesy comedy style.


The Charity
Marko from the BFA has helped over 10,000 people already in Thailand is and is saving lives on our roads almost every day! This guy has been a personal hero of mine (Carl) since I met him as a fellow English teacher where he was using all of his salary to fund his Ambulance.

Ticket Price and Booking

500 baht online through Eventbrite : | Paypal & Visa
600 baht on the door : July 6th at Glowfish


Location and Directions

Glowfish - Address: @Asoke Bangkok 10110, Thailand - Phone:+66 2 664 0897
Taxi: say Asoke Tower, Sukhumvit 21
MRT: Petchaburi Exit 2