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By Declan Negus

Pattaya Family Bike Day

An ever popular way of keeping fit in and around Pattaya is that of bike riding as the sport is being taken up by more and more of us. When combined with a fun event that also also raises money for worthy causes it becomes an even more useful endeavour. One of the participants of the recent Pattaya Family Bike Day tells us about the day.

On Saturday March 12th, St. Andrews' Year 12 CAS Crew volunteered to be part of a magical day of family bike riding. It was organised by the Pattaya Family Bike Day team as a fabulous way to raise funds for our charities: ‘Women with a Mission’ and the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. The proceeds will be donated to assist them in supporting children on the Thai-Myanmar border receive education and also to grant wishes to terminally ill children.

The day was long and tiring for our groups of students as they stood out in the scorching sun cheering on the riders, supplying them with water and assisting with any first aid requirements. The course-sweepers had an essential role to play ensuring that no one had become lost and that everyone who attempted the ride, especially the 30km trail, was scheduled to reach the end of the course before the finish time in the late afternoon.

It was a great accomplishment that so many members of our community could come together to organize and participate in such a worthwhile event; even though our legs may now be sore and our throats croaky, we felt we made a difference in helping the event to take place.

We often don't realize how much work is put into fun, all-day activities – often beginning weeks before the actual event - and you often overlook those individuals who played a small but vital part in bringing everything together.

I was glad to help and it feels amazing to know that in a small way we supported charities to do such amazing work around Thailand. Thank you to all who participated in riding in the Pattaya Family Bike Day, to the PFBD team, Thai Polo, all the sponsors and finally the St Andrews CAS Crew.

The reward of a delicious Amari meal in the shade after our day in the sun was well worth it!