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Welcome to Pattaya Bargain Hunter, my name is Belinda and before living in Pattaya I was a buyer in London’s West End. An important part of my job was to look out for items of quality, value and with that certain special something. Now I look out for bargains to share with you such as those this month from:


Asian OpticalSo many times I've heard friends complain about service, or more correctly, the lack of it, in restaurants and shops around Pattaya. Therefore, as well as pointing out the bargain this month from Asia Optical I think it is also important to talk about how excellent their service is. From the moment you step into this Optician on Soi 4 Pratumnak (near Star Beach Condo and 7/11) you are greeted by Mr Charn and Mr Kamol, on hand to offer friendly advice and give you a most welcome glass of orange juice while you browse through their many ranges of glasses frames and contact lenses.

If you don’t have an up-to-date prescription, they will give you a free eye test. Please note that this is a proper test from a qualified Optometrist, complete with eye measuring equipment - not just someone who points to the top line of a wall chart and says:

“Can you see the top line?”



– as I had one Pattaya doctor ask me during a rather brief medical exam! No, here you will get a qualified consultation together with tremendous after-care service, and a great range of frames to choose from amongst them: Levi, Gucci, Chanel and Christian Dior. During this month they are offering 50% off any purchase of glasses, not only for the frames but also for the cost of the lenses - and that is a tremendous deal. So go check them out!


It has often been the case that after many a bottle of beer a young man’s fancy (or woman’s for that matter) turns to the seeking out of a curry. Most UK Indian restaurants are busiest at times such as these and that is why the owners of The Curry Hut certainly knew what they were doing when they set themselves up at the side of the “Aussie Bar Complex” just past the Hanuman statue along Second Road, Jomtien.

I am told, by people who prefer to have their meal delivered to the bar where they are drinking, that you can run along, order a curry and have it delivered rather than sit at The Curry Hut itself. This is not something that I like to do as I want to be sure of plenty of table space to fully appreciate all the dips, lime pickle, etc. that I need when I eat my pappadums! However, wherever you choose to eat it, their Chicken Special on offer for only 199 baht is great value for money. For this price you get:

Papadums, Pullao Rice, Naan Bread and a very tasty Chicken Madras. There is also a Lamb option for 249 baht – but the Chicken is my particular favourite. I order it very spicy, sometimes with an extra order of onion bahji, only to find that I have overdone it as the “special” is a very plentiful meal in itself.


coconut oilFirst of all a big thank you to Mrs Stevenson for your kind comments regarding my feature in November’s issue of ‘Bargain Hunter’. Glad you’re enjoying the benefits of white vinegar and yes it really does keep those pesky little ants away!

Now especially for you, here are the many benefits of another product : Coconut Oil. Readily available from markets, shops, roadside stalls and even whilst sunbathing at the beach. I picked up a 100ml bottle for only 100 baht, although it’s preferable, when taking internally to go for organic, and even cold pressed oil if you can find it.

The obvious uses are for cooking and rubbing into the skin and hair to moisturise and soften. However, I only recently found out that it can also be used as a mouthwash and teeth cleaner. By sloshing a couple of tablespoonfuls around the teeth and gums it will help kill bacteria, whiten teeth and reduce plaque. The official term for this is “oil pulling”. Apparently you should try to do this for 20 minutes a day to really get the full benefits – I can only manage five at the moment! Also, it’s important to spit the oil out as it will have removed toxins that you don’t then want to swallow – so brush your teeth afterwards.

Coconut oil can also relieve the itching from mosquito bites and a couple of teaspoons ingested each day is reported to help with weight loss, improve blood cholesterol levels to help the fight against heart disease and increase energy. – A complete bargain of a product!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please write to me “Belinda Bargain Hunter”