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Growing up in southern California only two hours from Disneyland and having family members that worked at the famous theme park, free passes came my way on more than one occasion. I grew up eating at the Pirates of the Carribean Restaurant, reading books about pirates, and acting out life as a wench at the Renaissance Faire which was pirate history central. I lived in Vegas and got to see the show at Treasure Island, which was all pirate and glitter. 
I played a videogame called Pirates of the Burning Sea on the PC which was a MMORPG game allowing one to control pirate ships and battle against the mighty Navies of the time periods from the 1700s to the 1900s. As an English Teacher I had a complete pirate play set so I could teach all the relevant vocabulary, such as buried treasure, map, and X marks the spot. I suppose you can say I am a pirate fanatic. As you can imagine from my history I was more than thrilled to get the assignment to review the Admirillica Pirate Ship. 
The Admirillica Pirate ship is everything I hoped it would be and more. It will truly transport your to another world. Start the adventure at the Bali Hai Pier, just look for the pirates playing in the crowds as they mark the initial meeting point. They will then guide you to the deck where the speed boat will meet you to take you out to the ship.
You pull up to the ship while the sun is setting and the moon is rising, and get these fabulous shots of the ship like this one!
Play with the ships wheel, check out the replica cannons, dare your friends to get into the crows nest by climbing the ropes. I want to do this so bad I can taste it but not until I charter the ship for a personal party, which I plan to do in the near future.
Climb aboard the mighty ship and instantly feel the mighty ship steady under your feet. The wood is gorgeous, dark hard wood, the bathrooms are lovely facilities befitting any captains quarters that was accustomed to entertaining royalty. The furniture is all hand made hardwood furniture from Thai masters that appears as if it has grown out of the wood of the ship. This would be a KILLER VENUE FOR A WEDDING AND RECEPTION!
There is a lounge area on the top deck of the three deck ship, filled with cushiony lounge chairs that are water proof so wipe down easily after the rains that run through the harbour on a regular basis. Everyone is served a welcome drink of fresh fruit juice over ice and a shot of Sangsom, a great blended rum made right here in Thailand.
The buffet spread was a great mix of Spaghetti, fried chicken, salad bar, rice both jasmine, and fried, hot dogs, hamburger steak, stir fried vegetables, several types of soup, I had the cream of mushroom and it was hearty. There were other fried goodies like spring rolls, and crinkle cut fries, and several desserts. Water is served with dinner and beer, wine and cocktails are available for extra, but the prices are totally reasonable, 80-100 baht for a beer, etc. 
After dinner is served, relax for a bit then the pirate show begins, juggling, bar tricks, dancing, and full on dramatic production by the crew will delight audiences. The show is interactive and the more the audience participates the better the show gets. Take lots of pictures, go along with the activities, and just, EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY, like any good pirate.
Now where is my rum!?