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By Gloria Jones

If one of your new year's resolutions involves looking after yourself or a loved one perhaps with a bit of pampering or a beauty treatment then I would recommend plucking up courage to have a Vampire Facial. Having written an article about the benefits of PRP facial treatment myself (go to click on the magazine and use the dropdown box to select October if you wish to read this ) I thought it would be a good idea to actually try a “vampire facial” and where better to go then Sure Cell, conveniently located on Soi 6 Pratumnak.

The clinic let's face it (no pun intended) has people who, even for someone like myself with a real fear of needles, really know how to carry out an injection. Even so I decided to get myself there earlier than the appointed time in order that my skin have plenty of time to absorb the anaesthetising (freezing) cream. This is liberally applied to the face and then some blood taken from your arm while you relax in great comfort listening to ambient music- chilling while your face numbs..But back to the blood and as I have already mentioned I am not great with needles probably because my veins seem to be fairly deep set. I once had a very unpleasant experience with a rather inexperienced NHS nurse who left me with a syringe half sticking out of my arm whilst she ran to get help. Not so at Sure Cell where the procedure was quick and pretty painless. Also it was not pints and pints they required, just enough for a couple of small test tubes. I had also been told that if you are dehydrated this procedure is not as easy, so although I was given a bottle of water to drink the minute I arrived I also made sure to take in plenty of fluids hours beforehand - not alcohol of course !

What they do with your blood is rather clever as, with the use of a centrifugal machine, they separate the platelet rich plasma portion from the red and it is this “cloudy white blood” that is then reintroduced back into your body -in this case in my face. Therefore no worries about the body rejecting it or having an allergic reaction.

Then it was the turn of Dr Li who did not enter stage left with fake fangs and a long black cape but rather a syringe with a very fine needle to firstly “reintroduce” the fluid where there were any lines on my face and then with what looked like a pen containing lots of even finer needles give the whole area a fine “going over”. Before each procedure an ice pack was applied to further numb the area of my face to be worked on. Dr Li works quickly and efficiently so very soon I was all done, cleaned up and ready to go.

My skin felt a little tight (the lingering effect of the numbing cream) a little pink and a little sensitive. I was warned not to touch it or apply any make up or creams until the following morning - only splashing a little cold water on if necessary. Also to stay out of direct sunlight for 2 weeks to give the treatment the best possible chance of working. Other than that it was life as usual and the beauty of this process is that I had only been at the centre for one and a half hours in total ! The other great benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is that it will continue working over the next few weeks as the growth factors from the fluid increase production of collagen and elastin.

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