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6 ideas to transform your garden

By Virginia Ewart-James

If you are wondering what to do with your garden then consider one of these options. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden at your home in Thailand you may be wondering how to make the most of this space. Use it as an extension of your home and it is essentially an additional room for you to use. Make sure you think about how best you will utilise the space before getting your hands dirty.

1. Create a lawn area.

Should you have the right soil and good conditions, then a lawn could be perfect. Relatively easy to maintain, it also makes a great space to enjoy. Whether that is a spot of football for your children or place to have a picnic. If you are desperate for a lawn but growing the real thing is not an option then cheat. There are plenty of fake grasses on the market that give the look of real grass, are easy to maintain and soft underfoot.

2. Build a place to dine.

One of the perks of living in Thailand is the weather meaning that al fresco dining is possible all year round. Build a designated barbecue area complete with place to cook, space to prepare and enough seating to enjoy your meals at. Add lighting for a really inviting space to enjoy in the evening and don’t forget to add some mosquito deterrents to keep the bites at bay. 

3. Grow your own vegetable patch.

Depending on your green fingers you may want to consider a vegetable patch. You may need to rotate what you grow depending on the time of year as lettuce and carrots grow well in the cooler months but are not so keen to sprout in the summer. Corn tends to grow best at the end of the rainy season or need regular watering during the dry season, and soy beans are good year round along with courgettes. Experiment to see what types of vegetables work and enjoy eating your home produce.

4. Use potted plants.

If have plenty of outside space but not the conditions ripe for an impressive garden then opt for potted plants instead. That way you can pick the right soil suited to the plant and not worry about their ability to grow. For a real impact you will need numerous pots and experiment with teaming colours together or mixing them up. It is entirely personal choice but the beauty of potted plants is that should you not be happy with how they look, it is easy to change them. 

5. Make a chill out area.

Why not create an area that you can relax in. Pick a shady part of the garden or make some shelter either with the use of trees or fit a canopy overhead for a cool place to read a book. Even better still invest in a hammock and you will quickly find your days passing by.