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Expat Living

Are you planning to live in Pattaya and don’t know where to start looking? Fortunately, Pattaya Trader have information to provide you what you need.

Living in Pattaya can be a unique experience as it is a diverse city that offer expats a lot of opportunities. And also, you will be happy to know that Pattaya has a low cost living with a lot of activities to keep you busy every day.

Expat Living is your essential lifestyle guide to live in Pattaya. Read our articles for helpful advice and tips on issues such as: visas, education, housing, healthcare, travel and more.

Pattaya Trader Magazine is dedicated to help give information for all expats living in Pattaya.

Pattaya Living

Pattaya is located on the eastern Gulf of Thailand and is famous for its vibrant lifestyle and  stunning beaches. The city's nickname is “Resort City” since it is particularly popular with numerous tourists visiting the kingdom of Thailand.

It also attracts a lot of expatriates to stay because of its many amenities and attractions. Pattaya has plenty of things to discover from cultural sightseeing to island hopping, and including many entertainment venues.

Many expats living in Pattaya can take advantage of visiting Pattaya Beach which is bustling with people that are enjoying the many recreational activities, and also purchasing momento’s from a host of novelty shops. There are many lively bars, local and international restaurants, as well as varied and diverse shopping to partake in.

As a resort city, it is also the location of some of the best golf courses in Thailand, a zoo / sanctuary that has a vast collection of animals, and a large variety of tropical botanic gardens. For those who seek cultural attractions, the Sanctuary of Truth is a temple made purely of wood, that houses different kinds of traditional Hindu and Buddhist sculptures.

Moreover, Pattaya hosts a numerous number of annual celebrations and festivals which all can be enjoyed by expats who live in Pattaya.


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