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Why did your success take you so long?

By Alan Johnston

Why do some of us step straight into success and others take the meandering Nile River, what is it that makes success happen quicker for others? Notice my heading doesn’t read: ‘Why is your success taking so long?’ because that would be counter intuitive to the law of attraction. Read on my Apprentice:

Learning The universe, mother nature, or just ‘life’ as many refer to it, is an intelligent creature, she knows you better than you know yourself and realises that if you are not ready for success you might destroy it as quick as you get it. Think of an 8 year old with a million dollars! Or a first timer to Thailand wanting to buy a bar!

Therefore, life sets you up to learn some very painful lessons, as she knows all too well that pain is the best teacher and the more painful the mistake, the better grounded you are to never make that one again. Yet some of us learn slower than others, we try to make ‘new mistakes’ go down a path never gone before and are sent straight back to the beginning with a massive new experience to boot. One thing wealthy people do is ask many questions, the experienced entrepreneur will sit patiently for days to find someone else who has done this before and seek council and pay in kind or raw hard cash to get the information that is required.

Invest in thyself: People who have achieved quicker success ask more questions than give answers, they know that they must get many different views from many successful people and take the best advice from that information to use themselves. Entrepreneurs hate being called experts or gurus, they are students. ‘You are a result of the 5 people you hang with’

This adage means that if we do not expand our network and find people in a higher echelon of success than us, we will struggle to grow. Entrepreneurship is about getting out of your comfort zone. If all we do is ask questions of the people on the same level as us, we will probably already know the answers and not learn, thus hindering our path to our goal.

Know thy goal: If you have not found your ‘emotional button’ then stop and take time to find it. I often hear people say; “He is now wealthy because he had less than nothing growing up” As if to say; he was very hungry as a child, so much so he vowed that when he grows up he will never be hungry again. Yet running away from pain is proven less to be a motivator than running towards success.

Wealthy people always talk in future tense of the success they have yet to earn, they speak consistently to themselves about the wealth they will achieve. Rather than think of the hunger they felt, they always imagine the taste the exotic foods they always craved. To make anything happen you have to create the thought, sadly too many people think of the bad thought, the thing they are most scared of, and that is what materialises. You become what you most think about!

Drilling down is a massively important exercise to see if you have defined your dream. If my mentee says they want to have a million dollars to spend, well, they are complete novices. Whereas if my mentee stops thinking about 1 million dollars, which alone is paper with pictures on, that will never bring peace to them, and concentrates on being in a place that frees the mind he would get success a hell of a lot quicker! Find your real end goal, the thing that makes you ‘feel’ amazing, it is never cash, money is the process, it’s the stuff cash makes happen that you need to ponder on.Why make work for yourself?

Business people are often guilty of letting the process get in the way of the real goal, real entrepreneurs leave the process to fate. For example, lead generation is a process that I am in a fight with every day, trying to get business people to break out of the old habits that they think they need to do to find new clients and take them straight to our sales leads.

Our offering of direct sales leads is so simple it’s hard for many to get their head around: We manage a business directory, offering branding through our website visitors and our 500,000 real people on social media in return for them to share with us the products they are buying right now. We publish these qualified sales leads for our pro members to cherry pick and make appointments with. We take you to the end goal of someone who wants to buy what you sell, negating all the time and money expensive lead generation activities making you more profitable.

By giving you a sales lead direct, you sell quicker, you are so much more profitable, your work is so much more enjoyable, you take more money home, and your partner and family is happy and so are you! Isn’t that what you really wanted anyway?

Biz-findthailand.com publishes a list of sales leads every day to see what our members want to buy. Visit our site and see if we have some leads for you