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Turning on the Tap for New Business in 2016!

By Glenn Cowan

Having a website is probably one of the most effective ways of helping potential new clients to find your business or organization.

However, most business owners will testify it isn’t quite as simple as just building a website and waiting for the visitors to arrive. There is an element of (dare I say) marketing required to get yourself noticed!

Done properly your website is very likely to become your best employee ever. Think about it. It’s not going to be off sick. It’s available 24/7. It won’t ask for a pay rise every few months, and it certainly won’t have an affair with another worker!

Well, the activity can take many different forms, but they all come under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

Essentially digital marketing can be split into two very distinct categories, organic or paid for.

Organic search has changed significantly in the last year or so, with Google constantly changing the way that it views the relevancy and authority of a particular website.

That said, when organic marketing is done properly it can represent a significant long term investment in your business or organization. The rewards that can be achieved from ranking on the front page of Google for important search terms are almost priceless for many business owners!

There is no stock answer for this question

Google and the other search engines take into account huge volumes of data to decide exactly where to position a web page. Onsite signals including content and meta information play an important role. It should be noted that other websites that “link” to your site also play a fundamental role in influencing the “authority” of your domain.

The volume and strength of competition will be another factor in determining how search engines view your site.

It might take quite a few months to break onto the first page of the search engines rankings pages (SERPS), but once achieved you will be in front of “ready to spend” website users.

Remember: There is no quick fix for organic rankings


What’s in it for Me?

Currently Google holds something close to 70% share in the search engine market. Of course others like Bing and Yahoo still play an important role in things.

To prove this point (at the time of writing this article) there were over 3,105,000,000 global searches on Google. Getting your business in front of a percentage of these visitors can help you to achieve your key goals; however, just waiting around really isn’t a sensible option.

Partnering with a reliable digital marketing company is (in most cases) your best route for success.

Paid for Advertising

A very popular alternative to organic rankings is to pay for your advert. Although, in the same way as any other form of advertising, when you stop paying you stop being seen!

The key differences between organic and paid for advertising is that you can turn your ads on (and indeed off) as and when you require. You can also target exactly who you want to get to see your ads.

Literally you could start a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign now and your ads could be showing later today! This degree of control is something that a great many website owners really enjoy.

Think about it, are there times when you have a time related special offer? Are there times when you have surplus stock? Are there times when (put simply) you just need more business?

If any of the above apply then a well constructed Google AdWords campaign can produce fantastic results.

To avoid some of the easy mistakes it is well worth using a specialist agency to help get your campaign off the ground. We all agree that keywords are the backbone of any campaign; however, did you know that understand negative keywords can be equally as important?

There is even a good argument to run organic and paid for campaigns at the same time. Having an extra presence on the front page of the search results can really pay dividends and provide you with an excellent return on investment (ROI).

What will you be doing to turn on the tap for new business in 2016?