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The language of sales

One Thai property developer is taking property sales to a whole new level by offering its website in no less than five languages.

Stock Exchange of Thailand-listed Sansiri one of Thailand’s most prominent and prolific developers, has Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian options on its website.

This is at the same time as many Thailand-based property developers and real estate agents have Thai-only or English-only websites, or a mediocre alternative English/Thai option that, in many cases, is rarely updated. Five-years-ago that may have sufficed but with the global nature of Thailand’s property demographic, developers and agents are being forced to adapt and change along with the language of potential buyers and investors.

A spokesperson for Sansiri, in an exclusive statement to Dot Property, said: “We have seen strong opportunities to serve our international customers in each key different market.

“According to our research, we have many foreign customers who contact us and request more information about our products in their own languages. Therefore we developed our website in English to support our target foreign customers who are interested to buy our properties and looking for investment in Thailand. We then developed Chinese, Russians and Japanese options.

“We have received great feedback from both customers and property agents, and in China through many channels such as via our We Chat application.”

The spokesperson added how the customer property buying experience nowadays involves obtaining information from multiple sources.

“Our website allows customers the opportunity to read and see first, which help customers to easily make decisions from the information we provide,” the spokesperson added.

The company said it has received a very good response from foreign customers that reaches out to them in their native language.

The spokesperson concluded: “Currently we have no plans to develop more languages, However we aim to develop more advance features that can support customisation and preference, not only on our website but by expanding our sales teams to respond to customer requirements. Now we have our international sales team to support customers in China and Russia and we plan to establish a Japanese team.”