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The Beauty and Benefits Of Radio Advertising

By Kevin Cain

If you own a business you will know the complexities of trying to run a good marketing campaign to coincide with your sales activities. A common mistake is to cut back on marketing when times are hard as this is precisely the time when you should be directing more customers towards your particular product or service. Your marketing campaign should include advertising and in particular for local businesses radio advertising.

On the eve of the launch of a brand new radio sports station in Pattaya, SportPlus, we thought it would be a good idea to look at the benefits to any business of radio advertising and sponsorship.

I caught up with Johnny Diamond a well known radio presenter in Pattaya and posed the question to him; What are the benefits of radio advertising?

Firstly Johnny pointed out that most people listen to the radio in their cars and this immediately gives you a captive audience to target. There are over 100,000 British Expats living in Pattaya, not including other nationalities that listen to English stations.Regarding the issue of TV advertising against Radio advertising he was quite adamant that TV as well as being a lot more expensive, does not have a captive audience. Quite often when the ads come on in the middle of your favourite program many people go out of the room to make a cup of tea. Radio ads are far shorter, normally a maximum of thirty seconds and therefore do not disturb the listener as much.

Then JD imparted to me the fact that one of the most effective ways to advertise on the radio is to do so by “show sponsorship”. Link your business to a radio show that has connections with what you are advertising and you will get mentioned every fifteen minutes plus before and after the news.  Aom Yim Hair in Town Salon at Pracha Uthit Bangkok knows the value of radio advertising as they currently sponsors Asia's top 40

If you are seriously pondering radio advertising as part of your marketing strategy then here are some top tips to bear in mind.

  • Feature just one item, or a limited number, per commercial

  • If you are mentioning prices again only mention one or two

  • Is a phone number necessary?

  • Book a reasonable amount of time to get the message across, don't stop half way through your campaign

  • Use saturation for maximum impact

  • Repetition and frequency are two of radio's big persuaders

  • Make your advert distinctive, raise it above the competition

  • Don't tailor the format to your own personal taste without considering your target audience

  • The most effective use of radio is day in day out, seven days a week. Drum the message into your audience - time is of great significance

  • Don't try to reach too many people with too many messages at the same time, this will dilute the effectiveness.

All in all it is a well known fact that radio advertising works, radio is our friend and it is constantly with us. Whether you are in a mall, traveling in a car, getting your hair done,whatever.It is an effective and relatively cheap way to promote your company.

If you are considering radio advertising contact: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com and we will answer all your queries.