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The (Ever) Changing Face of SEO in 2018

By Glenn Cowan

The digital landscape moves at a frantic pace. Stand still and you are likely to be overtaken by others that…. Aren’t!


2018 is destined to be an exciting year for SEO.

Yes, top positions in the rankings will still be highly important; however there will also be a number of other areas where your website can gain some fantastic exposure. So let’s take a look at some of the factors that you really should know about.

The Evolution of SERP Features

Yes you want to rank at the top of the search results, who wouldn’t? However, it isn’t always as easy as that. Maybe your competitors have been around for donkey's years and you just can’t seem to break into the top of page 1? Maybe your website is brand new and has no “trust” developed in Google? It’s important to remember that there are other areas of the results page that “steal searchers” attention. Make sure you know about these and optimize for them as they can be a super way of getting traffic to your website.

Local packs are a fantastic way of making sure your business features when a user is looking for a localized search result. These have been around for some time;however, still aren’t as utilized as they might be! Another really cool area is the “knowledge panel” - When users search for a business on Google they can also see additional information about that business. This appears in a box on the right hand side of the desktop view area.

Google answers box is another brilliant way of showcasing your website and the relevancy to particular questions that are asked. Use Structured Data & Snippets to best assist your site in showing up in these alternative page one areas.

Never forget that people are looking for answers when they search. Why not make it easy for Google to know that your website has the relevant answers for!

Speed Really Counts

Without question website loading speed has become hugely relevant. Long believed to be a ranking signal, site loading speed is also an massively important from a user-experience perspective. Google expects pages to load in less than three seconds. The sad reality is that if your website takes ages to load then users will just “jump ship” and go elsewhere.

The PageSpeed Insights web page should be your starting point in understanding the issues that your site has relating to speed. Follow this link for more info…. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ There are also a couple of other speed tools that you really should be looking at, do also check out:

If your website is a little on the slow side then you must take the appropriate action to speed it up, or risk losing potential buyers before they even spend a few seconds on your page.

Speak Up - Voice Search is Here!

Google has been banging the drum on voice search for some time now. It’s definitely here, especially when you read that the search engine giant reports that 40% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search on a daily basis. Without question the ratio of voice search is growing and the way in which people are searching is much more conversational than simply typing one or two of the “trophy phrases”.The clever marketer has already grasped that voice search is on the up and will have started to redefine their keyword research to incorporate these longer tailed conversational phrases.

Go Mobile or Go Home

We already know that mobile search is massive, again, a good deal over half of all searches are conducted from some form of mobile device.Voice searchers are much more likely to be searching “on the go” - and expect to see information that works well on their chosen device.

Continuing to provide a poor user-experience will not cut it anymore, especially when the impending Mobile-First Index rolls out.

Ignore mobile SEO at your peril folks!

Some of the above has been around for a little time now; however, they will be growing in importance during 2018 and beyond. What are you going to do differently for SEO in 2018?

Want to know more on this or indeed any other digital marketing topic? Feel free to drop me a line - glenncowan@voovagroup.com