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TWOFLAT Real Estate in Pattaya

TWOFLAT are Positive about Pattaya

If you haven’t seen TWOFLAT’s cool new office in Pattaya then you should really get along to Thappraya road (308/58-59)- you will not be disappointed!

Over the past few months you may well have already seen their Managing Director Jean-Charles Viera-Gomes more easily referred to as “JC” doing the rounds of Pattaya and getting to know all the projects and desirable locations on behalf of his many clients. Hailing from the company’s head office on Samut Prakarn , Bangkok, J.C, has now made Pattaya his centre of operations and is pretty positive about the place.

He has a long term plan and believes that in the next 3 -4 years with the Eastern Economic Corridor, Terminal 21 and lots of money pouring in to Pattaya the place will thrive. He already has wealthy clients looking to make purchases in this area who come to see him when they are visiting from Bangkok and JC himself is investing heavily in Pattaya as can be seen by TWOFLAT’S beautiful office.

His customers expect a certain standard level and feel good about visiting this location. JC further explains that some may want to buy as many as 8 to 10 condos at a time because he also has extensive experience with the Chinese market as well as wealthy Thai and Foreign investors. So he wants them to visit him in an environment conducive to relaxing and doing business. Then on a personal level if, by necessity, he is going to be working 6 to 7 days a week he also wants to spend his time in a place that makes him happy a beautiful space where he can relax and his critical eye will be pleased by what he sees.

Certainly there is already a really good feel to the place and when TWOFLAT’s staff who are mostly out and about visiting projects, going to viewings etc. come back to base, it is a place where they can chill. In fact JC is more than happy that they work from the sofa if they wish to sit in comfort - “after all its 2018 now they don’t have to be deskbound” he tells me. However, if a full on meeting room is required they have that too. All expertly designed and produced by Euro Design.

JC has a very good working relationship with Luc from Euro design and says the company have done an amazing job with a level of work that has been 100% professional. You can tell that the two of them are on the same wavelength and on the rare occasion when something has needed fixing, well EuroDesign have bent over backwards to give TWOFLAT exactly what they want. For example the centrepiece of the office is the bar. It's the hub where JC can be found most often making customers and friends really good coffee from his machine while they sit comfortably at the stools in front. Well the grain on the wood was not to his liking so Euro Design employed a skilled painter to hand finish the grain so it would meet JC’s exacting standards. However it must be said that it is these very standards that mean his customers can rest assured he will also do his utmost to exact the same quality levels for them.

The office has been designed to his idea of brick,wood and metal chic but without obvious bling and extras, Its a large,open space with the bar as a central feature which I find very European in that everybody who walks into the office immediately gravitates here, rather ike the cappuccino fronts of the lovely bars in Italy. It's true that when you sit on your stool and look around, you can certainly see that TWOFLAT are “putting their money where the mouth is”. They believe in Pattaya and whether it's because of the comfy sofas or the very best quality Italian coffee they serve, you can be sure that they are looking to be here for a quite a while to share in Pattaya’s success. Also as regards their service to customers I applaud their ethos of working with as many developers as possible and having many property partnerships in order to maintain objectivity and give customers real choice