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Starting a Blog in 2017!

By Glenn Cowan

As avid readers of the Property Trader, I am sure I don’t need to remind you that we have been covering how to market a new business in 2017. Following on from the last two posts, “Essential Marketing Guide to Starting a New Business in 2017” & “Why PPC Marketing Makes So Much Sense in 2017!”, we are now going to take a look at starting a blog . So first thing’s first, it is probably sensible to examine what actually constitutes a blog.

Definition of a Blog

Put simply, a blog is a regularly updated web page or site.Very often these are run by individuals or small groups. The content that is posted is generally informational and written in an informal / conversational style.Blogs are also referred to as articles, these are one and the same.

Why Should I Blog?

There are two very simple reasons why you should have a blog.

Firstly, it provides you with a highly effective platform to reach out to existing and new website visitors.Ideally you should be providing these visitors with useful content that relates to your industry. Content that provides real value.Done correctly it is highly likely that readers will want to share this valuable information with others in their social circles.

Secondly, it is a highly effective way of telling the various search engines that you have “fresh content on your site”. As in most cases, a website's sales pages remain fairly static. Once they are up, they don’t tend to change too much. So from an indexing perspective, why would Google want to visit these pages more often?

Blog content adds a dynamic edge to your website. Regularly updating your website in this way will allow search spiders to know that you have new content that is worth them finding out about. Remember, the more times a search engine spider visits your site (providing it likes what it sees) the better this is for search engine optimization. The knock-on effect that it is hugely influential in helping you to shoot up the rankings.

Caveat: Blogging should always be primarily for the benefit of the human reader, search engines should be secondary.

Why has Blogging become so Popular?

One reason why blogging has really caught on and become so popular is that it is surprisingly easy to do. In the past you might have had to be somewhat skilled at web-design; however, nowadays that really isn’t the case.Combine the above, with people’s understanding that blogging is a very powerful medium and it should be no real surprise to see just why it’s so popular.You don’t even have to be a skilled writer. There are plenty of content production services around that can assist with helping you to produce high quality material.

What Should I Blog About?

Hopefully a percentage of you will now be thinking that blogging makes sense.

Those who are new to this are likely to be wondering what you should blog about…..

The key message here is that you shouldn’t use a blog purely to promote your goods and services. Ideally, self-promotional content should be the landing / sales pages that you already have on your website.

Of course, during your blog it might be fitting to link-back to relevant content that you have on your site. This is fine, providing you are sensible about the volume of pages that you link to.

Hmmm, so what do I blog about?”

Remember earlier we touched on “providing value for your visitors” - well this is exactly what you should be focusing on when producing blog content.

Answer - You need to think about who, what and where.

Who are your potential clients or customers?

Where are they ?

What are they going to be interested in finding out more about ?.

So for example, if your business is property sales in Pattaya then it is very likely that some of your potential buyers don’t live in the area. They could well be thinking of making a move from another country or location.Aside from wanting to find out about property, these people will also most likely want to know about the general area, location and facilities.

Here’s a list to consider:

  • Education

  • Health Services

  • Restaurants

  • Local Attractions

  • Local Laws

Property buyers that have children will need to know reliable information on schools and health services.Most people will eat out at some time, so providing useful information abount different restaurants is likely to be of value to site visitors. Likewise, people who are new to the area will want to know what’s on and where. So some form of attractions guide could also be useful.

Whatever connection you can draw on, your potential buyers can be a fantastic source of information that you can put on your blog.Sure, there is already plenty of similar info around. However, it is important to remember that blog content you have on your site will help to reinforce a potential buyer's feelings about dealing with you.Don’t make the mistake of forcing new customers to go elsewhere to find information that relates to their main query or question. Doing so will only assist them in finding your competitors.

How Often Should I Blog?

In reality, only you will know the amount of resource that you have to use on blogging.

The important thing here is to commit to a regular schedule and stick to it. For some people this will be two times a week, for others it might be once a month.

Don't be tempted to post material for the sake of it - always make sure it provides real value for a visitor. Remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself - If you want to blog, but can’t, or don’t have time then it’s worth considering assistance from a professional marketing company.

Overtime your blog will allow you to become authoritative in your area. In some cases this can mean that you are the “go to” site for reliable information.


Question? Isn’t it time that you started a blog ?

- or resurrected one that has been left to it’s own devices…..