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Spotlight on Lighting


There is no doubt that creative use of lighting in a property can enhance its value, making it easy to sell or rent out or simply making it a more enjoyably place to reside. 
There have been many strides of late in lighting technology, but also maybe more importantly this technology has found its way into the mainstream with most furnishing and home décor stores providing a good choice of options. 
For a classic look, the obvious table and wall lamps make for a good start when it comes to choosing a lighting theme that fits with this goal. Look for ornate stands with shades that epitomize certain eras. Bronze or even wrought iron bases and gold, orange, light tan, cream or other subtle colors for the shades will look classy and yet will still remain within the period aimed for when considering a classic setting. Look to ensure that any table or wall lamps have dimmer switches so that the level of brightness can be controlled for various situations. 
HouseChandeliers can come in many types and these certainly will form the center piece of a lighting plan within a room. Whilst chandeliers suit period and/or classical settings, there are also plenty of more modern varieties on offer too. A mix of the two can also be achieved. Look to reduce the amount of crystal and instead use other period materials such as iron or other dark metals. Hanging crystals can be replaced with up lighting shades with these in opaque glass giving a softer look to the overall piece. By using up lighting in this way some interesting designs can be considered giving a much wider choice than traditional cut glass chandeliers. Modern chandeliers with aluminum or steel rods, glass that is cut into sections or also in rod form can make for a spectacular center piece for those looking for that modernesque look
With up lighting in mind, there are plenty of possibilities here, from hidden strip lighting in ceiling galleys that are unseen except for the light that they project outwards and upwards, to up lighting from wall lamps with shades that are upside down as compared to the traditional hanging ones. By using different colors some very effective up lighting possibilities await. Indeed a good way to look at some of the different results can be to visit a local shopping mall  - most of these use up lighting in various areas and here it is easy to see the effectiveness of different themes. 
Up lighting can also be used for low fittings, e.g. in the base of kitchen cabinets or at floor level in a lounge setting. An extension to this idea is floor mounted spot lights. These are particularly effective in outside settings but can also provide an up lighting effect within a property. By angling the spot so that the beam aims on to the wall areas, the property can take on a magical look. 
Lighting wall and floor areas can also be done with more elaborate setups. Worth looking into are light arrays that consist of 2 vertical rails along the sides of a wall with several small spots on each. An opaque glass cover sits in front of the wall and the spots so that the lights not only can be angled at the wall but also at the glass. Some of these methods also incorporate artwork into the glass to give a more striking effect. These types of installations are very inexpensive and can make an otherwise uninteresting expanse of wall look very enticing. 
Smaller spots can be used in the kitchen and here it is worth investing in lighting that can hide underneath cupboards to light up the working areas. Again dimmer switches would bode well here so that the mood can be set. Colored lights aimed at glassware will also make for some very interesting and unique looking results. Spots can sometimes be too sharp so it is worth investing in opaque filters. This is the case whether on larger floor or ceiling mounted spots or smaller ones in a kitchen environment. They will diffuse the light and give a broader beam so that a softer touch can be enjoyed.  
In a bathroom setting some very good combinations can be utilized. Look to add floor mounted spots if a small decking area is already in use or planned. Then a combination of up lighting and spots will make for a very functional and chic looking area. Use of mirrors will also be key in ensuring the lighting is well positioned.
Lighting is a relatively inexpensive addition to any property. Yet its impact will make it worth all the investment, both in monetary terms and in terms of the time and planning to make it come to fruition.