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Reasons to Increase Your Marketing Activity During the Low-Season

by Glenn Cowan

It’s fair to say that seasonality plays a part in most business, even more so if you are Pattaya based.

Pattaya essentially has two seasons. The high-season runs from the start of November to end of March and the low-season which runs for the remainder of the year.

The recent financial landscape has changed a little, when you consider the difficulties of the once strong Russian currency. Some might remark that the high-season doesn’t provide the “highs” that it once did, while others are changing the way they operate to move with the times.The stark reality is that there are still plenty of (ready to spend) people either coming to, or already in Pattaya. The task; however, is to make sure that you reach out to them and stay on their radar.Don’t lose sight of the fact that there are plenty of growing groups of visitors including Koreans, Chinese and Bangkokians (aka “hi-so Thais”).

During the remainder of this article, we will debunk some of the myths as to why you shouldn’t scale back marketing your business during the off-season.


Cutting My Marketing Budget Won’t Hurt My Business

There is a real danger in the above statement, one which many business owners find out only too late.

The natural tendency to cut back on costs when business slows down can easily skew sound business judgement. But, think about it, if you are standing strong ahead of your competitors then you are likely to reap the rewards. Assuming that others haven’t followed this sound advice, you will find it easier to deliver your key marketing message to potential clients.

The important element here is to make sure that you are able to measure where your business and ultimately sales are coming from.Try to understand better your customer demographics and what prompted them to use your services. Knowing this will provide the platform for making sure you are putting the right money in the right areas.

Creating special coupons, vouchers or codes is another great way of finding out where your customers have come from.

Remember, many of your potential customers will have some form of “purchase cycle”. There is usually an element of research that is carried out, especially if the purchase is large. Not being in-front of these people during this stage could easily mean that you miss out when they make their ultimate decision.


My Competitors Are Cutting Their Marketing Budget, So I Will Too

Most businesses will increase their marketing budgets and activities during peak times, this perhaps goes without saying.However, when things get a little tougher it is easy to say, “we’ll cut back for the next few months” or “we can spend the budget on other things”. It takes a brave business owner to swim against the tide when things go quiet.


Why not look at things slightly differently?

The approach that you can take advantage of gaps in the market, created by your competition cutting back is definitely one positive way to look at things.

Increasing ad spending during slower times can reap amazing results. As other companies cut back and disappear, you can improve your visibility and capture a greater portion of the available market share.It is very likely that you will find your advertising monies going further too. With less advertisers around it could be that you will get a better deal on either print or digital mediums.

A great example of this is Google AdWords. If you are running a pay per click (PPC) campaign and there are less advertisers then you will find that your on page position will cost you less.

I’ll Hold On To The Business I Already Have

The above statement might seem quite logical, but in reality it is a flawed argument.

Think about it. If you are going through a slow-down period then it's fair to say that your customers are likely to be experiencing much the same.

The nett result is that many of your clients might start to look (research) cheaper goods or services. They might even stop purchasing certain goods or services altogether. If this happens to be your product or service then you will need to find another customer to fill the void.

Customers Will Come Back To Me When It’s Busy Again

Disappearing from the marketing landscape can have some serious consequences.

You might think that “customers will come back when it’s busy”; however, what if they have made a one-off type purchase? Extremely relevant if you happen to be in the property business!

If they happen to have bought a condo or house from your competition it is less likely that they will want to buy another soon after.

Another important angle is that when you stop advertising you run the risk of losing trust or credibility. Sure, you will be spending money when things might seem a little tight. But, spending it in the right areas can pay dividends when the market comes back. You stand a much better chance of gaining loyal long-term customers by staying visible, even during the quieter periods of the year.

Saying On The Marketing Trail - The Wrap Up

Staying resolute in a smaller market isn’t always easy. However, as we have explored above there are some really sensible business reasons to do so.

Now might be a good time to review your marketing activity and see which elements provide a better return on investment (ROI).

Taking advantage of the areas that your competitors have cut back on is likely to produce measurable results for both the short and long-term growth of your business.The smart business owner will always find gaps to exploit and with the help of a strong marketing agency they can continue to grow their business in the slower months.