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Preparing to rent out a property in high season.

By Jack Miles

High season is a time when there is a good chance to rent out a property since there are many more people in the resort city of Pattaya. Indeed it is a time that is keenly awaited by property owners seeking a tenant as there is a marked difference between the activity in high season and that in low season.

Preparing for the onset of many more potential customers requires some advance planning. It is important that your property stands out from the crowd. That’s because along with more potential customers there are typically more properties on the market from owners eager to find a tenant in the high season.

Be sure to consider advertising in the local press. A short but succinct advertisement may be all that is required to pique interest. You can usually prepare for the first publication for example a classified advert in Pattaya Trader will also be featured on the website and Facebook pages, and if over the course of a few weeks the initial advert doesn’t provide the required activity you can tweak it for the next publication.

Since high season starts in the middle of November it is worth considering getting your adverts in place right now. Also, its worth noting that if you can get tenants early in the high season and have them stay for the duration you can sit back and relax without having to fret about lost rental income.

Enlisting the help of key agents is another must-do thing. You can find the best agents by searching online and checking which ones consistently come up at the top of the search engines. From there a look at their websites will tell you how easily or not prospective customers can navigate their website to find a property that is similar to yours, since once you are listed you will want them to find your place easily. Once you have found the agents that are worth a closer look it is good to visit them and see how they handle walk-in customers. You might want to take this chance to view one or two properties to see how the staff perform and how quickly they react to viewing requests. Once you are satisfied it is then simply a case of registering your property with the agent and agreeing a rental rate that is achievable. Choose a more favourable rate if you wish to get a swift deal in place. The agent should, quite quickly, send someone to take photos and get you displayed in their office window and on line.

That’s not to say that you can’t also put your property online yourself. This can be done using Facebook or a simple website creation tool that shows your property’s specifications, location and any special deals. If you have no web design experience there are plenty of people offering this service and they are easy to find online. Use Google adwords or Microsoft Ad Center advertising platforms to propel your website’s listing into top position in the search engines. These are pay per click services and so you will only pay when some actually visits your website. Advertising a special offer will make for a good response. For example, to make your property more enticing consider providing free high speed internet or free cable TV as part of the deal. Or you can offer a month's free rent for a 12-month contract in order to entice longer-term tenants. A simple website can host many photos of your place and the space is virtually unlimited so you can really go to town and show off what you have to offer.

Prior to the photos it is worth making sure that your place is in perfect condition ready to accept viewings. Your property should be modern and comfortable. Look to discard items of furniture that are looking dated and replace them with funky new designs. Having possibly viewed one or two other properties as part of testing out the agents abilities, you may be able to utilize some design traits from places you like to incorporate into to your own offering.

Cleanliness is also key. Be sure that kitchen and bathroom areas are spotless as well as walls in the living rooms and bedrooms. It may require some repainting if emulsion walls are looking tired or showing signs of wear and tear or are marked . A new coat of paint can do wonders to a property that may otherwise be looking quite tired and therefore unappealing.

The grout in between tiles is also an area where you can make improvements. If your tiled floor or walls are white or another light colour, but the grout is dark then it will look unflattering to say the least. Use an acid based grout cleaner and you will find the grout can become as white as the tiles themselves. Once you start on the process of cleaning grout the transformation will be so impressive that it will be hard to stop until the entire floor or wall is completely cleaned. The other option is to re-grout tiles but this may require the removal of the old grout first and overall it is a longer job than using a cleaning agent.

Your kitchen will also need to be spotless. No one wants to see signs of other people’s cooking, so it may be worth replacing the hob with a new one if it is heavily stained. If you have a stainless steel based ceramic hob then changing it entirely for an induction hob would bode well. Not only is the latter a more modern convenience, it is much easier to clean because of its smooth glass surface.

Lighting is another area that may also require some attention. In the living room you can invest in floor spots and wall lighting as well as table lamps to provide a more comfortable feeling to the space. In the kitchen and bathroom brighter lights at mid level can really help to make these rooms look cleaner and more inviting.

High tech gadgets can also make all the difference. Look to include at least a 40-inch LCD TV and some audio-video items such as an iPhone docking station, a DVD player and even a desktop computer with screen. These items are now so cheap but still look expensive, so they are well worth putting in place.

With all the above in hand it should be easy to find a tenant in the high season and you maybe to secure a long-term agreement that lasts for a full twelve months or more.