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Voova Group

Logo Voova GroupVoova Group brings you the Pattaya Trader—one of the largest expat magazines in Thailand; Pattaya 105—Pattaya’s No1 hit music station; and PPCnSEO—an award-winning software development and digital marketing company.
Together we are Voova Group, one of the largest media groups on the Eastern Seaboard. We provide comprehensive and unique advertising packages across a range of media platforms including print, radio, and online advertising solutions. 
Our team has been recruited from all over the world, including Thailand, UK, Australia, America, Denmark and Switzerland. We currently service clients in Thailand, UK and Australia, bringing them Western-quality design and marketing at Asian prices. 
PPCnSEO was formed in 2010 by Mark Bond and Mark Walker. The main focus of the company was to develop their signature software eCoach Manager whilst providing SEO and PPC services for eCoach Manager customers.
The company grew throughout 2011 and was awarded BOI status, enabling the recruitment of international design and development experts to grow the web design side of the business.
PPCnSEO started to offer their web design services to clients across all industries not just the transport service and developed yet another unique SAAS product—The Property System. A comprehensive management tool for real estate agents which is currently only available in Thailand but plans are currently in progress for an international launch.
Towards the end of 2012, PPCnSEO acquired the local publication company Chang Siam Publishing and its sole publication, the Pattaya Trader. At the time, the magazine had been in circulation for around 12 years, but had reduced in popularity with expats in the area. After a rebrand in early 2013, the Trader has grown massively in terms of readership, quality of content and advertising levels to be one of the most well-known and most read publications on the Eastern Seaboard.
July 2013 saw the acquisition of Pattaya 105, a small local radio station which, following the relaunch in November 2013, has become the only Pattaya radio station to have a full programme of presenters; seven days per week. A huge part of the station’s new-found success has been the contributions made by Breakfast DJ and Company Director John James aka "Brooksy", whose 20 years of broadcasting experience on radio stations all over the world has helped to elevate Pattaya 105 into the position of Pattaya’s No1 hit music station with a diverse global audience.

Investment in our people is the key to our success

Development by democracy: Our culturally diverse team has a unique blend of skills, talents and perspectives and every member of staff is actively encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions on the development of our products.
Mark Bond: CEO of Voova Group
"As the company has evolved over the last four or five years, we decided that it was time to create a group name. We were originally a digital marketing company and started to develop some cloud based products, initially on a small scale. Over the course of two years, we acquired some local media companies through our connections but everything felt a little disjointed as we didn’t have a group name.
"Finding a suitable name proved to be much more challenging than we first envisaged and after spending many hours debating possible choices we decided to create something totally unique. I feel that Voova is a very strong and powerful word which will stick in everyone’s mind.
"Originally I planned to have a much smaller business, where I could go diving everyday and the company would almost run itself. But a lot of opportunities have come along and some of our products have been immensely successful, which in turn forces natural growth. It is very difficult to find words which can describe my pleasure and pride to be the CEO of one of the largest western run companies on the Eastern Seaboard.
"Local media coverage is a huge part of our business and we may look at franchising the Trader into other areas of Thailand. We are also considering bringing another Thailand publication into the Voova group later this year.
"Our flagship product, eCoach Manager is going through one of the biggest revamps since it’s original launch and this will make it suitable for much larger coach and tour companies. We hope to launch the revamped version at the Sydney Bus show in 2014 and may also expand into Europe in early 2015.
"Our Property System, another cloud based system designed for real estate agents has also just undergone a major upgrade. Up until now the Property System has only been available in Pattaya but we will soon be launching it in Bangkok too.
"We are also currently developing an app aimed at delivery drivers and courier companies. There is currently nothing available on the market to monitor drivers and their delivery schedules so we are developing a simple app which will be available for download via the iStore and the Play store.
"Just two weeks ago, we opened our first Bangkok office and I hope this additional presence will help to increase the Asian percentage of our customer base. Currently, 70 per cent of our clients are in the UK or Australia and we would love to expand our reach in Thailand and the rest of Asia.
"One of our unique advantages for small or new companies is the fact that we can create and implement comprehensive marketing strategies. Our inclusive packages can include website design, advertising online, in print and on air, banners in other publications and roadside billboards. The costs can also be split over a year and paid in monthly installments which reduces the initial outlay dramatically and can be a huge benefit for new or small businesses.
"All three companies in Voova Group recently moved into bigger, better offices, along with our 30ft radio aerial. But as we are currently recruiting for more designers and programmers we may outgrow our premises again very soon. Plans are already underway for relocation to a brand new office complex very near to our current site."