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New Nordic Strikes Again

A Developer with Staying Power

Well my old friends at New Nordic have acknowledged the real estate slump in Pattaya and promptly brushed it off.  When you offer the value, amenities and investment returns they do … economic cycles tend to bend to your will.  They just keep on building projects that are better and selling them out.
Evidence of their trend-bucking success can be seen all over Pratumnak Hill. Earlier this year an atmosphere of mystery surrounded their next project.  Whatever New Nordic decided to build would be their 50th project and was sure to be something special.
Some property pundits were whispering “high-rise”, but I predicted they wouldn’t stray far from their successful model.  Others were calling for New Nordic to build an exclusive gated community, but that goes against the family feel they’ve been building.  
As it turns out, I was kind of right about the new building, but that doesn’t mean New Nordic’s 50th offering isn’t something special.  Trend 7 offers all the bells and whistles we have come to expect.  
Rooftop pools and large balconies are unmistakably New Nordic traits.  Spacious open rooms and high quality building materials are two more.  A common theme running throughout all New Nordic projects is an understated sense of quality design and construction.
It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a hotel or a condo building.  New Nordic creates buildings of a manageable size, outfits them with superior amenities like rooftop pools and balcony Jacuzzis, and runs them individually and efficiently.  In the end we get a neighborhood full of high value properties.  
Trend 7 sets itself apart with some new and improved features.  Over 300 square meters are allotted for a state-of-the-art fitness facility on the first and second floors.
 More than 450 square meters are set aside for the luxurious spa on the second floor alone.  
The Trend 7 New Nordic Spa, Fitness and Hotel Concept are a part of Trend Village that already boasts 6 buildings that are managed under Hotel Concept Anita.  The Trend Village has an entertainment center, 50 shops, restaurants and bars, including Atrium Condominium that has a big Supermarket and shopping area. When all projects are complete there will be a total of 8 buildings in the same area across from Pratumnak Soi 4 to Soi 5
Following the New Nordic formula, Trend 7 is a 7 story condominium with 46 available units ranging from 30.30 Sq.m2 to 131 Sq.m2 and will be built between October 2016 and December 2017.
The first floor includes the large fitness facility plus ample parking and Hotel Reception area, with the entire second floor dedicated to Spa and Fitness areas with its own reception. The third floor is half Spa and 7 units. The fourth floor has 11 units with one super-sized apartment equipped with its very own private swimming pool. The fifth and sixth floors have 20 available units plus communal 10m x 4m swimming pools and the seventh floor has 8 units with large roof top area. 
Trend 7 will be the number one destination for New Nordic guests looking for luxury Spa and fitness facilities and it will be the best place to work out and relax on Pratumnak Hill, all under one roof.
But anyone who has taken a look at New Nordic properties can tell you, it isn’t just the well-designed, well-built and superbly managed buildings that make them so attractive.  The guaranteed rental return and buyback program are simply unbeatable. 
10% guaranteed return for 10 years on all apartments.  
3% cash back to the buyer based on payments during construction.  If the buyer pays in full, 10% cashback will commence the following month.  
The seller offers to buy back the property after 5 years for 100% of the original price.  
The buyer can sell the unit and transfer the remaining income guarantee.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again.  New Nordic’s offer isn’t too good to be true; it’s too good to compete with.  In these volatile times, it’s refreshing to see someone getting it right.
Written by Jan Nuijten
Managing Director, Pattaya Prestige Properties Co., Ltd.
+66 (0)87-021-7014