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New Nordic Palace

Putting the “Over” in “Over the Top”

By Barton Walters

If you are a frequent visitor or resident of Pattaya, it is likely you’ve witnessed a transformation on Pratumnak Hill. Right in the middle of this ever-changing seaside neighborhood is a phenomenon known by many as “The Nordic Village”. The New Nordic Group exploded onto the property development scene a few years ago and has proceeded to take over a large sector of Pratumnak Hill transforming it into a holiday destination in its own right. Restaurants, bars, spas, shopping and a dizzying array of accommodations.

A few months ago New Nordic announced they were breaking ground on two uber-luxury projects called The Castle I and Castle II. I remember thinking to myself, “I guess the only thing better than having one castle is to have two”. I thought wrong.

Latest and greatest

From the mind of CEO Kurt Svendheim comes New Nordic’s latest and greatest offering … “The Palace”. The Palace will consist of seven floors and sixty-one suites of mind-blowing unadulterated opulence. I’m not sure of where “the top” is, but it is readily apparent that New Nordic intends to go “over” it. The base floors of The Palace are dedicated to fine dining, shopping and entertainment. The heartbeat of this magnificent structure will be the massive stage set in the middle of 700 square meter lobby surrounded by a swimming pool connected to a stream that winds its way through other New Nordic enclaves.

All suites will face inward with balconies that offer a bird’s-eye view of the stage. On show nights, residents and guests can sip champagne while enjoying the opera …or ballet … or live country music … or any of the shows New Nordic’s entertainment division dream up right from the privacy of their own suite.

The Palace is the newest addition to the New Nordic VIP family. Earlier this year construction began on New Nordic Castle I and New Nordic Castle II. Both these buildings feature a medieval theme with luxury suites and a private club on the top floor. These were the first of the VIP family of accommodations.

Shrewd move

The creative minds at New Nordic had so much fun designing these projects they just couldn’t stop. At first glance one might think a project of this magnitude is “a bit much” and rather extreme. But, a closer look reveals a shrewd move by this developer to advance the all-inclusive concept New Nordic is famous for.

When visitors come to Pattaya, they have many things on their agenda. Some want to enjoy the warm sunshine and outdoors. Some come to eat and drink. Some want to shop until they drop. Some want to be entertained. And most want it all. New Nordic’s Palace attempts to meet all their needs in one elegant setting. If it’s sunshine you want, then the swimming pool complex offers a unique experience. The Palace will be connected by a 200 meter long pool to other New Nordic projects. It’s not just a rectangular hole in the ground with water in it; it’s a water lover’s dream.

The folks at New Nordic’s Food & Beverage division have assured me no expense will be spared on the restaurants and bars included in The Palace experience. The New Nordic Palace Restaurant will include an integrated wine cellar that spans two floors. Besides the well-equipped restaurant bar, a poolside bar will service water-worshippers and guests of the nightly shows.

Entertainment chops

Earlier this year, New Nordic tested its entertainment chops with the New Nordic Music Festival. The Festival included nightly performances by many popular bands including a spotlight show from Chris Jagger. By all accounts the shows were a rousing success and New Nordic’s entertainment division have been hard at work assembling the next offerings for the high season.

The Palace will provide a decidedly upscale venue for this type of entertainment and more. Entertainment planners at New Nordic tell me they are opening their imaginations to what might be possible. Opera, ballet, traditional dance and even shows that may bring the surrounding water feature into play. Designers of The Palace have said they understand the desire by guests to take some of their unique experience home with them. For the shoppers, New Nordic has designed space for a number of special fashion outlets and souvenir shops. So, guests can come to The Palace, enjoy the great outdoors, eat & drink to their heart’s content, enjoy world-class entertainment and fill their luggage with gifts for the family back home; all without leaving the property. Like I said, a shrewd move … and a brilliant plan.

Don’t be distracted

But, all this all-inclusive luxury shouldn’t distract prospective buyers of Palace suites from what they get. The Palace offers five distinctive floor plans ranging from a 49 square meter studio to an 85 square meter two bedroom. All units feature a balcony facing inward to the lobby, swimming pool and stage area. Interiors will vary with suites named after precious minerals and gems. For example, The Palace Sapphire Suite will feature the rich blue tones associated with that stone. No expense will be spared on the furniture, high-tech lifestyle solutions and interior design. The materials used to create each suite will also reflect the top-shelf theme of The Palace. Marble, wood, tiles and fixtures fit for a King. Buyers should expect elegant and luxurious suites commensurate with The Palace design.

Owners of New Nordic Palace Suites will get full access to all New Nordic facilities including Club High Society. Owners at The Palace will also enjoy New Nordic’s 10% guaranteed return promise for 20 years. For the average condo buyer, The Palace may seem “over the top”. You may think “Can I handle all that luxury?” or “Do I really deserve all that?”

But, if I’m blissfully bubbling away in my Jacuzzi suite, sipping champagne and preparing for a night at the opera on my private balcony … I might think “over the top” is OK.

And, “Yes … I do deserve it!