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Marketing Wrap Up - 2017 - Driving More Online Business

BY Glenn Cowan

As we reach the end of the year it is time to review some of the key points that we looked at throughout 2017. Those who have read this regular feature will recall that we have covered a variety of topics aimed at driving more new business your way. In this article we will recap on the main areas and (attempt to) reinforce the benefits of marketing in this way.

January 2017

Right at the very beginning of the year we took a look at some of the aspects of marketing that a new business would want to take on board. One of the main elements that we covered was to work with a reputable agency if you are new to marketing. This will allow you to focus on the most important parts of your new business and ensure you can devote the right amount of resource to making it successful. Those who missed the article Essential Marketing Guide to Starting a New Business in 2017 can find this and more on the Pattaya Trader website - http://www.pattayatrader.com/business

February 2017

In February we looked at why Pay Per Click marketing makes so much sense The key benefits to starting a Google AdWords PPC or Facebook PPC campaign is that you can get near instant results.Any advertising that you start can be switched on very quickly to allow for a fast ROI. Furthermore, if you have a brand new website you realistically have no hope of getting that to rank organically in search results.This is certainly the case in the short term, which makes PPC a fantastic way of reaching potential clients straight off the bat.

PPC also provides a great deal of control over budget and who sees your advertising. In addition to control over budgets you will also be able to see a complete measurement of activity, enabling you (or your agency) to make the right business decisions.

March 2017

March saw us taking a closer look at the benefits of writing a blog.As one great way of helping search engines re-visit your website, is to update it on a regular basis. Of course, most of the time static or sales pages tend to be fairly fixed, so no real opportunity to update these. However, there is another way to regularly update your website and, this comes in the shape of having a blog or article section.

Creating fresh content on a regular basis can really help to cement your website as a genuine authority in your business niche. Not only that, Google and the other search engines will see updated content from which they then find out more about your site. However, don’t worry, if you are not a professional writer. You can easily outsource this task to someone like Voova Digital who are more than capable of producing the content you require.

Think about the associated topics that your potential customers are likely to be interested in. An example of this could be that a realtor might well blog about local facilities, hospitals, schools etc. These are all examples of the kind of things that a person is likely to want to know before investing in property in a new location!

May 2017

In May we moved on to looking at maximising your SEO campaigns, or at the very least looking at getting started with search engine optimization. Really there was only one core message here, aside from doing SEO with a reputable agency. The main take-away revolves around trying to understand the search intent of potential clients. Don’t purely focus on the “head” or “trophy” keyphrases, think about the way that people search for things and how these searches are much more conversational nowadays.

June 2017

At the halfway point in 2017 we focused on the benefits that can be created by utilizing banner advertising. Bringing you up to speed, banner advertising is where you have a graphic image that is located on a website (not yours) and it drives traffic back to your website (or Facebook page).

The best way to look at banner advertising is that it is effectively a referral process. You are paying a fee for your banner to sit on someone's website. Partnering with a busy site (such as the long established Pattaya Trader Website - Ed) is one of the best ways to drive qualified traffic onto your site. Remember, these visitors are likely to be ready to spend future customers!

July 2017

July saw us focus on property sellers, Aka the real estate agent. Perfect for Pattaya as they are in something of an abundance.We tried to impress on people the need for bringing their business into the 21st Century.

Buyers.If you want to stand out in a busy crowd then it is important that your website does exactly what it is meant to do.The most important element is to make it as simple and easy as possible for potential new clients to make an enquiry. Distinctive listings that provide the relevant information, along with high quality images will give you a much improved chance of success.

We also talked about the reasons why you should remarket to your website visitors. Don’t just leave them to their own devices once they have visited your site. Platforms like Google and Facebook offer great opportunities to get back in front of people who have been on your website. More of this later….

August 2017

In August we stayed with the subject of property and looked at ways that the Voova Property System can help manage a busy real estate business. Those who remember the article will recall that The Property System is a highly configurable platform which allows you to take complete control over what is required in your business.

You can promote important properties, choosing to show the most important properties ahead of others.If you haven’t seen The Property System in action then now would be a great time as it can really turbo charge your real estate business! For more information feel free to contact bappy@voovagroup.com

September 2017

Those who were eagerly awaiting the start of the high-season would have read how they can gear up for it best in our September publication.The important message was that potential customers carry out a large degree of “research” prior to arriving in Thailand. With this in mind it is essential to try to reach out to them while they are in their home country.

China, Korea and Japan produce an increasing number of tourists and potential investors for property every year.Attempting to engage with these prospective customers will give you a greater chance of success when they do arrive in Pattaya.

October 2017

We touched briefly on retargeting website visitors early in the year; however, in October we expanded on things quite a bit. Retargeting isn’t particularly well known to most people, so I will give a bit of an intro.Put simply, retargeting allows you to reach back out to the people that have already visited your website (no matter how they arrived there).

Understanding that most of the time you will have spent some form of advertising budget to get people to your website it is fairly frustrating to find that 95% or so of them don’t actually convert (turn into enquiries and or buy something). Giving them a “nudge” can be the perfect way to remind them that they should re-visit your site to continue their enquiry. Platforms such as Google and Facebook (amongst others) provide an excellent, cost effective way to retarget such visitors.

You can show them specific images and adverts that match up to the pages of your website that they have been on. So rather than just leaving it to chance you can help to steer these people back into being a potential customer. Full control is offered as well as fantastic reporting to help you to maximize results, giving you an really strong ROI opportunity.

As you can see, we covered quite a bit during 2017. Feel free to get in touch if you need any more information, or would like a specific topic covered in future.

If you would like any further information about this article or any other digital marketing information contact Glenn at glenncowan@voovagroup.com