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Get to know the marketing potential of You Tube

YouTube is huge. How huge? If YouTube were a country it would be the third largest in the world, surpassed in population only by China and India

By Voova Digital

Nearly half of all internet users are regular YouTube viewers, producers or both. This is less of a shock considering that video is the single most information-dense communication medium. And it will remain that way until we come up with smellovision. Video can be understood by anyone of any educational level, nationality and, thanks to YouTube, can be created and shared by anyone.

This accessibility has led to the creation and sharing of a sea of video of all descriptions. Whether they’re shot by amateurs or produced by professionals, planned by committee or captured spontaneously the one thing that all YouTube videos have in common is that once they’re uploaded anyone, anywhere in the world can view them. And they do. In droves. If you haven’t already recognized the marketing potential of this enormous worldwide audience of engaged viewers you soon will. Some experts predict that by this time next year YouTube will have surpassed Google as the world’s largest search engine.

YouTube is already a promotional powerhouse and its astronomical growth shows no sign of stopping. A host of new technologies and refined techniques promises to improve digital marketing professionals’ sales success on YouTube. Understanding these trends will separate the swimmers from the sinkers, so let’s have a look at some of the important developments in the world of online video sales and how you can use them to improve your YouTube kung fu.

First, remember that everyone on YouTube is selling something. If they’re not after money they’re after views or clickthroughs. Over the last decade successful YouTubers have evolved several methods of getting what they want. Here are the main three:

1. Sponsored Content

This method is much like television advertising. The sponsor inserts his advertising message into the video experience. This can be done in the video itself via a mention, a background image or as a pay per click advertisement. The benefit of this method is that it can reach a wide audience and takes very little forethought - the most important part is simply finding videos your target audience likes.

2. Original Content

Contributing original, quality content to YouTube is one of the best ways to become popular and share your message and selling on YouTube is all about being popular and shareable. People from all walks of life produce and consume YouTube content and virtually all topics are fair game. Want to sell vacation home management services? How about a series of videos on how to attract renters? Selling honeymoon getaways? A video on avoiding common wedding planning pitfalls might be just the ticket. The key to selling with original content is to be upfront and honest - yes, you’re representing a company or plugging a product, but you’re still giving people what they want. The benefit of this is that you are likely to get engaged, loyal and satisfied customers that create even more engaged, loyal and satisfied customers.

3. Guerilla Content

A very high-risk manouvre for the gamblers out there in buy-my-stuff-land, this method is the astroturfing of the video sales world. Similar to genuine original content, guerilla content purports to be unsolicited, spontaneous, amateur content but is in reality bought and paid for by whomever benefits most from the message. There are two types of guerilla content: Negative and positive. Negative content slanders the competition. A cosmetics company may hire a video blogger to report that their competition’s eyeliner gave her pink eye, or that they test on animals. Positive content says something good about the sponsor’s product. This was a common tactic used by electronic cigarette companies not too long ago, with hip, sexy and usually young people talking about how much they enjoyed their new e-cig. And it worked. The benefit of this method of advertising is that when it works it works better than other forms.