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Gearing Up For The High Season From a Digital Perspective

by Glenn Cowan

With the high season about to kick off soon, we at The Pattaya Trader wanted to ask a pertinent question….

How are your online plans shaping up for the high season?

The reason we are asking is that there has been a definite shift in the types of visitor to Pattaya. The Europeans, Australians, Russians and Americans are still coming; however, there has been an increase in visitors from other locations in Asia.Put simply, there are more Koreans, Japanese and Chinese visitors than ever before.

Align your Business to your Visitors

Different demographics of the visitors to Pattaya mean businesses need to align themselves to the way that they digest information. This is especially the case when they are in their home country before travelling here.

Essentially there are two courses of action available to your business:

  • Target potential customers while they are in their home country

  • Target potential customer once they arrive in Pattaya

The savvy business owner will be looking to maximize on both of these avenues.

If you miss the travellers when they are carrying out their research you might find that they have already made their purchase decision.

How to Engage your Target Customers

If you do have an idea to reach your target market before they travel then there are certainly a couple of great options available.

  • Search Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

You need to make a decision about the language that you are going to use when targeting.

Ideally you should consider the language that your visitor uses.

The more business orientated the traveller then the more acceptable it is that English will be accepted by them as a language; however, this isn’t always the case. An assumption here could make your marketing campaign really struggle. Of course, if Korean, Japanese or Chinese isn’t your mother tongue then there will be a little work to be done here. That said,

it isn’t too difficult to produce graphics or ads in most other languages, especially with the number of agents or freelancers that can provide this service.

Available Networks

Reaching out has never been easier. Whether you choose Google, Facebook or a combination of both should depend on the message you are trying to deliver.For example a real estate agent might well want to use Facebook targeting methods to get in-front of potential condo buyers from China.While some people will quickly suggest that Facebook is banned in China; this isn’t the case. There are currently over 50 Million Facebook users in China, which is expected to grown to close to 60 Million by the year 2021.

Small fry compared to the 1.379 Billion that inhabit this colossus you might say? Don’t be fooled into thinking this way….

A percentage of these visitors arrive on these shores, with money to spend.

Highly Targeted

In the example above we would recommend producing advertising material in both English and Chinese You will be producing a graphic or series of graphics that will fit in with your brand and offering. For Facebook these graphics are best kept at 1200 * 628 px. Keep in mind that Facebook limit to a maximum of 20% text on each advert.

The great thing about Facebook marketing is that you can really drill down and target your audience. For example, you can choose to target by any or all of the following:

  • Age

  • Location

  • Language

  • Job Title

  • Interests

Factoring above will allow you to really make sure that any advertising is being delivered to the audience you want.Imagine the business opportunities if you were able to get your brand in front of ready to spend customers !

In addition to China, we talked about targeting Korea and Japan. Here are the numbers of Facebook users presently for both countries:

  • South Korea - 14.5 Million

  • Japan - 28.99 Million

(Source - https://www.statista.com/)

Without question there are people in these countries that are travelling to Pattaya at some point in the future.Getting in-front of these users before they have begun their searching can deter them from reaching your competition, making it easier for you to make the sale.

The above model doesn’t just apply to property, you can use it to target just about any visitor, irrespective of what they are planning to buy when over here.

How are you going to gear up for the high-season this year?

If you would like any further information about this article or any other digital marketing information contact Glenn at glenncowan@voovagroup.com