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Frozen by Indecision?

Think “where” before “what”

With more than 20,000 homes for sale in and around Pattaya, many would-be buyers are overwhelmed. How do you choose? It’s not all about price now is it?

I hate to be the guy that uses the world’s oldest real estate mantra, but “location, location, location” does come to mind. In Pattaya, at this particular time in its development, nothing could be more useful.

We are in full-blown transformation mode. From the massive “underpass” project in the middle of Sukhumvit Road to the complete facelift of Jomtien’s beachfront, Pattaya is being attacked by big yellow machines and guys with jackhammers.

In the not-so-distant future this will equate to a better place to live and increased property values. But right now it only produces one thing … TRAFFIC! Pattaya’s traffic problem has grown steadily over the past decade with rampant expansion and increasing popularity, but with all these new infrastructure and beautification projects, it has become downright unbearable.

So I recommend considering that, for the next few years, getting around to the places you either need to go or like to visit should be a big part of your property buying decision. In short, find a place to live near the places you know you will frequently visit.

Fortunately, our stretch of coastline and surrounding inland regions are subdivided into some very naturally occurring neighborhoods.


The northern most part of town near Naklua and Wongamat Beach is a very easy-living and self-contained neighborhood. There is a big Tesco Lotus complex for shopping. It’s close to Pattaya Bangkok Hospital and the entrance to the Chonburi-Bangkok Motorway. There are dozens of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Several 5 star luxury hotels and all that they have to offer are lined up on some of the nicest beaches in the region; and, the variety of homes available range from ultra-luxury high-rises to quaint little bungalows. To be sure, the northern part of Pattaya was one of the first real neighborhoods here and remains a favorite to this day.


If for whatever reason a person wanted to live in the most active part of Pattaya, Central Pattaya all the way down to Beach Road would be the ticket. The variety of homes available is a little more limited to condos and low-rises, but there are plenty of those. If shopping is a priority you’ll love Central Pattaya. Foodland, Villa Market, Big C, Naklua Seafood Market, and of course Pattaya’s waterfront mega-mall Central Festival sits right in the middle of Pattaya Beach. I know buyers who only look at properties walking distance to Central Festival. Naturally, there are restaurants and entertainment galore. If it’s action you want, Central Pattaya has the most. And it should be said that for investors who want buy-to-let property, this region is pure gold.

The Hill

Easily the most popular neighborhood in recent years has been the area separating Pattaya South from Jomtien known as Pratumnak Hill (also known as Buddha Hill). Property buyers love The Hill for several reasons. First off, it is out of the busy main tourist district of South Pattaya and Walking Street, but near enough to get there easily. The view from much of The Hill is spectacular with sweeping vistas of the Gulf of Thailand and the Pattaya coastline. Restaurants, clubs, coffee shops and bars are clustered on every street as well as some nice hotel venues like the boutique version of Centara Grand.

While there are some villas, the main form of domicile on The Hill is condos, both low-rise and spectacular high-rises. And, while it has been a little deficient in the shopping arena, it appears that is about to change with the construction of New Nordic’s supermarket at its new Atrium project. Whether you are a part-time resident, or full-time expat, for condo living nothing beats Pratumnak Hill.

Jomtien Beach

When Jomtien Beach Second Road opened a few years ago, this area became the new darling for developers. I’m a little prejudiced on this part of town because I’ve always lived there. Jomtien is characterized by a long stretch of beach and myriad choices for shopping, eating, drinking and just hanging out watching the waves crash on the beach. It is true that there are many tourists in Jomtien, but it isn’t the high-energy in-your-face type you might experience in Central Pattaya.

There are many ways to get into and out of Jomtien which makes is logistically desirable. And, as you travel inland from the beach you’ll find some really comfortable and low-key places to enjoy life in Thailand without all the noise.

So for those of you overwhelmed with choices and frozen by indecision, a good place to start is … yes I’m sorry to say … “location, location, location”.

Written by Jan Nuijten

Managing Director, Pattaya Prestige Properties Co., Ltd.




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