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Forget all you have learned about your ‘Comfort Zone.’

by Alan Johnston

Gurus will try to tell you there is no success in your comfort Zone, and success has to be ‘all hard work.’ I am about to tell you to relax put the kettle on and breathe. You can never be an expert on everything. Trying to be an ‘all-rounder’ and nearly killing yourself trying to do it all by yourself will be your downfall.

Psychosomatic Reactions (Coping Mechanisms)

Many years ago a contented housewife and devoted mother who happened to be a talented singer liked to sing in her local pub every Saturday night just for fun. One evening a record producer happened to be in her bar and listened to her sing, he wondered where she had been all his life and offered her a contract to sing at Las Vegas with a massive payout. She was of course flattered and accepted immediately. However on the day she was due to fly to Vegas to start her 6 month spot singing in front of huge crowds and famous people, she developed a sneeze she could not stop, it was an incessant sneeze that lasted days that just would not go away.


She decided she could not go, and immediately once the decision had been made she felt relieved and funnily enough the sneeze stopped immediately.

Sometimes we tell ourselves something is our duty and we ‘make ourselves’ do what we feel we must, although it feels totally unnatural to us. The human body in times of stress will ‘override’ the brain’s despotic rule and create an ailment until the brain gives up and lets the heart rule. Doing the things you hate doing, you will never do them well, and as a business owner you know your business is only alive because of your passion to create something that will improve human life somehow. If you do not have a passion for sales for example, and you try go out and sell by yourself, it will be probably be a disaster, you may try to override your heart and say you cannot afford sales people and go on courses to learn how to sell where you spend a lot of money and time trying to convince yourself you can and must do your own sales, predictably you eventually find an excuse why you are struggling to sell.

If you think hiring an expert is expensive, wait till you hire a novice!”

You may try marketing and start writing blogs and posting on your Facebook profile. You then see a political post and get involved in an argument with some ‘right wing nutters,’ then see a video of a cat falling off a cupboard, then you look up and its midnight and you have achieved nothing. Think this is circumstance? Nah! Your heart said:

” Sorry matey, but let’s forget about that blogging malarkey, you always hated writing in school and it’s going to take a while till you get used to typing faster with all your typos and the spell checks. This one blog took you 3 hours, and you're told you will need to do this at least once a day for at least 3 months to develop a brand good enough to get leads, you only have 70 friends on Facebook you loser! You also have to start a Twitter and Linked in thingy account! I bet if you ask around, there will be someone out there who has been doing this for years, and actually enjoys it, has the passion and thousands of likes and followers already, give them a call eh, and let’s get back to doing what we enjoy!!”

Take time out

The most successful people leave blank days in their diaries, ask them what these days are for and they will tell you ‘nothing days’ they are days where they stop the rat race and have a day doing something they enjoy to let their subconscious mind have a think.

Comfort zone? Absolutely!

Relax your brain, even people 2,000 years ago knew you needed time to reflect and ordered Christians to take a day off and almost every religion says you must have a day of no work to be energetic for the next week! Ask crossword enthusiasts how powerful the subconscious mind is. They will think really hard on one or two puzzle questions and reach a plateau where they just cannot get the answer, then close their eyes and drift off for a quiet snooze or just relax the brain and think of something else and not long after the answer is given!

2 Tips to give you more time in your life for meditation and reflection because you and your business needs it

Put your price up.

Take your average order now and double it, instantly you need half as many clients to break even. This will also get rid of all the time wasters! As a sales person for over 30 years I see people who keep their price lean just to feel inexpensive. Cheap is not good! Anyone who is a scholar of the law of attraction will cringe at the word; ‘cheap’ or ‘cheaper.’

I was taught many years ago, to build up the value, help the client believe their own logic and the price becomes irrelevant! Someone will pay $1 for a bottle of water from a convenience store and be happy, and someone in an exclusive hotel is also happy to pay $10 for the same product. “Reassuringly expensive” was a slogan for a well-known beer company, and you were happy to pay the extra!


Guess what? There are people who love sales, they love going to networking events, doing expos and speaking at seminars, there are people who revel in spreadsheets and accountancy, there are people who love writing code for websites, there are people who have a passion for writing blogs and building social media, and there is a section of the population, believe it or not, who get their coffee on the table at 9 am every day and cannot wait to pick up the phone and actually enjoy calling strangers for 8 hours!

So if you outsource all the things you hate doing, and your price is now ‘reassuringly expensive” so you can cherry pick the inquiries, you can then spend most of your day working smarter and it’s more enjoyable, potential clients sense you’re really enjoying your-self and pick up your vibe and enjoy your company and sell you will, a lot more!

There is little passion in the un-comfort zone!

Successful people make it look easy because they just found the one thing they loved doing and found a way to continue doing just that in their comfort zone, and getting paid for it is a bonus.

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