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Five Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Company

If you have a business and are planning on marketing your company online, you may be considering hiring a professional web designer to help you build a website suitable for your business.

Building a website is often a scary thought for people who have no experience in this field, and those who try to build a website themselves often fail.

There are thousands of web design companies to choose from, but choosing the right company to help you and your business can be hard, especially if you do not know what to look for and what questions you should be asking.

Whoever you choose needs to show commitment and take your business seriously. You want them working with you to ensure that your online business is a success.

Below are five important questions you must ask the potential web design company before making your decision.

1. What Experience Do You Have?

It is important to find out what experience the company has in building websites. Are they experienced with content management systems such as Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal? Has the company built websites in the past that are similar to what you are looking for? Are they experienced in working with “raw” HTML?

If you plan to sell products through your website and accept payment by credit card, it is important that the company has experience in building e-commerce sites.

2. Can I See a Portfolio of Previous work?

An experienced web design company should have no trouble providing you with a portfolio of their past projects. You should ask for links to these sites so that you can view them and decide if you like what you see. If a company refuses to allow you to see any previous work they have done, you should look elsewhere.

3. Do You Have Experience In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

When companies venture online with their business, they will also need help with setting the website up to ensure that it is search engine friendly. This involves using “clean” coding that utilises cascading style sheets, installing xml sitemaps and optimising the meta tags. Most small business owners will not want to hire two separate companies to work on their website as it would usually take them over their budget. Web design and SEO go hand in hand, and a good designer will know this. They should be able to complete all this for you as part of the set-up of your site.

4. Are You Experienced in Social Media Marketing?

There are many marketing firms and freelancers who do not know the first thing about social media marketing, often because their practices are stuck in the past. Social sites such as Facebook have become huge platforms for marketing businesses online and should be a part of your marketing plan going forward.

Make sure that the potential design company knows how to set up a Facebook fan page for your business, as well as other social accounts such as Twitter and Linkedin. It is important the social pages for your site, and the site itself, complement each other.

5. Will You be Designing and Building the Website?

It is important that you find out the process that will be used to complete your website. Do they design the site, build the site, or both? Building a website is a highly technical process, whilst designing one is a highly creative process. Some companies specialise in web design only and may have no web development skills whatsoever. This could mean they outsource the work to another company. Make sure that they inform you of the whole process they use. Ideally, you want a company that will complete the whole process themselves.





Ensuring you ask the above questions will help you find the right company to help your business. It also informs potential companies that you know what they should and shouldn't be doing and this will help you avoid being scammed in any way.


Once you have done your homework and feel that you have the right company to help you design and build your website, the next thing to discuss will be the cost!



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