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Effective Marketing for the Realtor Wanting More Business - Part Two

by Glenn Cowan

Last time out we looked at how Facebook (when managed properly) can be one of the the most powerful social media marketing tools for your real estate business.For those who missed it, you can catch up online by reading

Effective Marketing for the Realtor Wanting More Business

Anyway, onto part two…. We all recognize that Google is the galactico of search engines. However, it might come as a surprise to know that the 2nd largest search engine is also owned by Google?

Yes, that’s right - It’s YouTube

I won’t drill down to the n’th degree here, but please trust me when I say YouTube gets over 30,000,000 visitors per day - pretty powerful stuff! ! While there are large volumes of people that use the site for music videos and the like, it is also true that there are growing volumes of videos showing condos and other housing projects.So if you aren’t already on YouTube then now is the time to change that. Setting up an account is free and you will have the opportunity to brand your channel.

You will also have the opportunity to “optimize” any content that you upload. Put simply, you can make it easier for a potential new customer to find your videos.The other great thing is that because YouTube is a well recognized tool it also has the tendency to show up in the organic search results - giving you even more exposure for no cost!


Another fantastic social media tool comes in the shape of Twitter.Sadly, way too many people are dismissive about the results that twitter can achieve - research tells me this is because they haven’t spent the right amount of time getting to harness the power of the tweet.

Okay, so Twitter might not be quite as sexy as Facebook? But look beyond that and you have a social media tool that can build relationships with influencers right across your marketplace.

  • Fact! - Twitter has 320 Million active users with over 1.3 Billion user accounts created.

  • Fact! - 79% of accounts are held outside of the USA.

  • Fact! - 92% of companies Tweet more than once per day.

  • Fact! - 80% of Twitter users have “mentioned” a brand in a Tweet.

There is no getting away from it, Twitter is here to stay and it’s time to embrace it…..

Many savvy marketers will use twitter to “outreach” to build potential new relationships. This can be done very easily by using the in-built search functions that the platform provides.

Interaction and engagement are the key to being successful on Twitter

For example, if you run a business that has condos for sale in Pattaya then you can search for this phrase. You can take this to the next level by utilizing the # search too, you might use phrases like #pattayaholidays #thailandholidays #thailandbeachholidays etc etc.Get your head around the fact that you will get results back from like minded business that have condos for sale - yes of course you will, but these aren’t what you are interested in.What you are “mining” for is the opportunity to build relationships with travel bloggers and the like who could very well be open to promoting some (or even all) of the properties that you have.

Warning! - Just like Facebook, those who constantly “spam’ out sales messages won’t be successful - marketing has oh so moved on from this !Admittedly Twitter can take up a large chunk of time, especially if you are new to it and trying to do it properly. If you want to take advantage of what Twitter can provide but don’t have the resource then why not consider using the services of a reputable digital marketing company?

Printed Materials

Moving away from digital marketing, the use of printed materials still remains a hugely effective way to reach potential new clients.One of the biggest advantages here is that you aren’t reaching people who are making some kind of search, as crazy as this might sound Allow me to elaborate a little…..When people are searching online there is a very good chance that they will continue to search for other service providers - even after they have seen your offering. This is just real world logic.However, when someone is leafing through a magazine in say a doctor's waiting area or picking up a copy in a hotel foyer they might well find something that is of interest to them. Maybe it is a new brand that they hadn’t seen before. Maybe it is something that they have an interest in previously, but had put it off for whatever reason.

Unique Marketing Opportunities

There are people that say printed marketing is dead - however, I don’t accept this and would challenge anyone to say it doesn’t have it’s very own unique place in marketing. High quality magazines like the Pattaya Trader are a great way of extending the “shelf-life” of your marketing spend. Potential new customers can be found a long time after publishment.

Another great aspect of advertising in the Trader is that you still get the benefit of an online presence. If you fancy the idea of re-visiting high quality magazine print then this special offer could be exactly what you need:


The normal price for a full colour advert in the Pattaya property trader is 17,500 Baht.

Our offer to you today and for a limited period, is that for a minimum of 3 month period you can have:

  • 2 full colour pages either independently or for greater impact as a double page spread (Normally 35,000 Baht)

  • 1 full listing page in the black and white section (Normally 8,000 Baht)

  • Free unlimited listing on the Property Trader website (Over 30,000 unique hits every month) (Normally 5,000 Baht)

For only *10,000 Baht !!!!! (limited space available)

Even if your budget can’t quite extend to 10,000 there are a number of other options that will help to get your business noticed in an around Pattaya! Hopefully, having read this you will now be armed with a little more information about how you can reach out to more potential new customers, without breaking the bank.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t decide to sit back and do nothing - the property world in Pattaya has changed, isn’t it time you did too?