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Bringing Your Property Business into the 21st Century

By Glenn Cowan

The property market has certainly evolved in Pattaya in recent times. And, to be fair shows no real sign of relenting.

Buyers have changed. The Russian numbers have dropped significantly and the Chinese have shown signs of moving in, along with their Korean and albeit in smaller numbers Japanese counterparts. Pluses also include increased well-to-do Thai buyers along with a steady stream of European / Americans.

Although it has to be said that the challenges faced for the property agents have certainly increased. Sadly a number of agencies who resisted the changes required have fared less than ideally. However it’s not all doom and gloom, however (thankfully!).

In this article we will take a look at some of the steps you can take to help align yourself with different buyer types.

Where Are They Searching From?

Perhaps the first thing to understand is that the new breed of buyers are much more tech savvy.They will still “rock-up” at an agent's window and scan through all the properties available; however, an increasing volume are looking to do their research from afar. This change has seen an increased importance being placed on an effective website along with a strong social media presence. The key message here is that potential buyers, especially those overseas are now far more likely to begin their pre-purchase decision making while on the internet.

Online Presence

We touched on the reasons why an effective website is invaluable in your fight to convert visitors into making that all important enquiry. Of course, before you can even think about a site visitor you must make your site visible. If not, how can you possible expect people to be able to find it? A paid marketing campaign either via Google (AdWords) or Facebook can help with getting your business right at the heart of these “ready to spend’ potential customers.

An SEO approach can also pay dividends, especially for those who have the ability to create valuable content that can assist with helping search engines to rank the site. Be prepared to look at this form of marketing as a longer term approach, those who fancy instant type results will definitely be left disappointed.

Updated Listings

It goes without saying that you need to ensure that all your listings are up to date and in order.

With the vast majority of agents listing very similar (if not the same) properties as everyone else you will want to make yours stand out.

Of course it is also important to list all the main elements that make up your property detail. Many of the more successful agencies will also ensure that this information is laid out properly within their webpage.

Give a thought to expanding on areas of interest for the potential buyer. Especially useful if your customers are moving to Pattaya from another location.

If you are showcasing a high number of listings then it is very likely that some form of back-end management system to your website would be advantageous. The best of these will help you to display your listings in a positive way while at the same time helping to reduce administration time.

Making the Difference

Removing outdated listings and adding fresh properties will help your site to stand out in a congested market-place. This practice demonstrates to visitors that you have plenty of movement in your portfolio of listings, i.e. you are selling!! On the flip side, think about the potential negative impact that your site could have if repeat visitors keep seeing the same old listings, time after time.

Some of the more flexible property management systems will also allow for better showcasing of the all important images. Even if you have the same properties as one of your competitors you don’t have to have a like for like listing. Stand out from the crowd and help your potential customers to make the right purchasing decisions!

Make it Incredibly Easy

Sadly it’s a fact that many realtors don’t make it easy for their visitors to enquire.

Contact methods, including telephone numbers, emails and forms are often tucked away. In some of the very worst cases these don’t even work (what a wasted opportunity that is).

Remember, people surfing the internet want to find out the info as quickly and easily as possible. Never, ever make them jump through hoops to further their enquiry.

What you are selling from your website? Most people will respond incorrectly with “condo”, “house”, “property” etc,etc.Of course that is the obvious answer and what you want to sell. However, at the stage when the client is on your site, you are selling the idea that they contact you. If you are not very good at understanding this your site can be the intro site for many another agency!

The key take-away here is make it easy for them to find what they want and even easier to get in-touch with your business….

Re-Marketing to Existing Enquiries

Hopefully your visitor will have been convinced enough to push the button and send you that all important enquiry but in reality a high percentage of visitors will “shop around” and visit your competitor's websites before purchasing.

Don’t lose that valuable enquiry! - Reach out to them by remarketing to them via Facebook….

A retargeting campaign can be represent exceptional value for money as you steer your previous website visitors back to your site, all by the power of social media.

The Wrap Up - Bringing Your Property Business into the 21st Century

No one said real estate in Pattaya would be easy! However, by making sure you have compelling, distinctive listings complemented by effective marketing you give yourself a greater chance of success.

What's your take-away from this article?