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Bright Ideas for Retargeting your Website Visitors

By Glenn Cowan

Retargeting isn’t new. It’s been around for a few years now; however, I am always surprised that more business owners don’t take advantage of this power advertising mechanism.

Those who caught last month's business article “Gearing Up For The High Season From a Digital Perspective”, will remember I touched on getting in front of potential new customers before they arrive in Pattaya. This time out we are going to take a closer look at re-engaging with website visitors.

During the next 900 words or so or so we will look at:

  • What is retargeting?

  • Why your business needs to retarget?

  • Who can you retarget?

  • How to retarget?

Without further ado, we will get straight into the meat of it… Read on please!

What is Retargeting?

Research has confirmed that a very small percentage of shoppers typically convert on their first visit to a website. There are marketing organizations out there that suggest the figure might be as low as 2%. To be honest this does seem a little low, so for arguments sake we will double it and add a bit, it will make the math cleaner. Okay so, let’s think about 5% (the 2% doubled, plus a bit) of visitors that convert on their first visit.

Or put another way, that's 95% of visitors that don’t convert on their first visit and continue shopping. Some of these people are never going to buy; however, this still leaves a massive chunk of people that will.

Where are these people going?

Some of them will return to the original site to conclude their purchase or enquiry. Maybe they had gone away to check on alternative suppliers of the goods or service they needed?

Maybe they have gone away to discuss their potential purchase with other people?

Obviously once they have left your site you would hope they return to conclude their enquiry or transaction. This goes without saying; however, so many business owners just leave things to chance. Once a potential buyer has gone they immediately shift their attentions to the next brand new enquirer.

The good news is that you don’t have to “just leave it to chance”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get back in-front of these same potential customers before they conclude their purchase?

This is where retargeting comes in!

You have the ability to reach out to your previous website visitors and “resell them” on the benefits of your products or services.There are numerous platforms that will allow you to re-focus on these website visitors and assist you to get back in front of them during their buying cycle.

Two very successful retargeters are booking.com and lazada.co.th. If you have been to either of these websites in the last year or so you would have almost immediately seen their ads showing up on websites and platforms that you visit.These marketers use the power of both social media and display networks to “remind you” of the unfinished purchases on their websites.

Booking will show you images of hotels that you have looked at previously in the hope that you will come back and actually book. They could just leave it to chance that you will come back, but there is also a good chance that you would go to laterooms.com, agoda.com or one of the many other booking platforms. So not only do they use remarketing, they also get back in front of you directly via email.

They have clearly understood that there is a significant cost to getting website visitors and want to maximize the opportunity before they lose out on their marketing spend. Companies spend vast sums of money driving “ready to spend” traffic to their websites. They do this from a mix of PPC marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing.

The same applies to Lazada, when you visit products on their website they are able to reach back out to their visitors to “invite them back”Similar to Booking, Lazada will also email their visitors if they have items that are left in unchecked out shopping carts.

Who Can You Retarget?

In reality you can retarget any website visitor that your site has.

They don’t have to have originated from a paid for marketing campaign. Visitors of your site can be re-targeted irrespective of whatever channel brought them to the site in the first place.So this means any visitor has the potential to be retargeted.

Imagine that you are involved in real estate, maybe you have a development that has just received EIA approval. You would want to carry out an element of marketing to showcase the fact that your development has now been given the Green light.

So, you set about creating a social media campaign to reach your Facebook followers and potentially reach out to prospective buyers who don’t already know your brand. You might also email your current database to let them know. It’s possible that you might also do some paid marketing via Google AdWords or similar to really push the boat out. The chances are that you will be spending a chunk of marketing budget on this.

It’s likely that you will be taking them to visit a specific page on your website (the page with the property development) on it, Some people might well get in-touch with you about this and an enquiry. However, the people that don’t still could be interested in your development and possibly would benefit from seeing additional marketing.

Setting a remarketing campaign to get back in front of these visitors is easy. You can choose to target those who have visited your specific landing page and create artwork which gives them a further incentive to make an enquiry. Professional graphics combined with clever wording can be one of the most powerful ways of persuading previous visitors to come back to your site.As you would expect there are costs involved with using remarketing platforms. However, reaching out to individuals that are already warm to your brand is one of the mos

it effective marketing strategies that any business can possibly have.

Want to know more? - Reach out to me at glenncowan@voovagroup.com