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A Marketing health- check list for your business

By Matias  Berra
As we approach the  end of the low season,local business are now focusing on preparations  for the high season on the horizon. In the past decade the importance of having a website that attracts, engages and helps people has become a key factor in these preparations. However your marketing should have a broader spectrum than just that one aspect and before the high season really kicks off see how you score on a Marketing health check list.
Here’s what you need to start thinking about to ensure your business makes money next year:
Focus on what works:
Well of course, why start investigating the new and unknown when you can always rely on a well established print magazine like The Pattaya Trader! We are Pattaya’s number one magazine for expats with a huge access to a diverse set of demographics. The Trader is the perfect option for getting your business noticed.
Here are some of the impressive numbers that we have managed to achieve through 15 years of hard work, if you are a business looking for the ideal advertising platform, keep this in mind:
  • Longest running magazine in Pattaya 
  • 160 Exclusive distribution spots covering the entire city
  • Over 32,000 engaged readers, our closest competitors don't even come close
  • We offer a full suite of advertising options from cover stories, full, half page to box and banner ads on our official website
  • We regularly share the adverts and articles on The Trader’s Facebook page
  • Our expert team of designers can design all your Ads free of charge in case you can’t provide your own
Keep in mind the exposure you will enjoy on one of Pattaya’s top websites, I am ofcourse talking about http://www.pattayatrader.com/, with thousands on unique hits everyday, joining forces with the Trader Magazine is a sure way to be noticed in pattaya. Don’t forget:
If you’re not in the Trader, you’re not in Pattaya
The future is here: Embracing Digital Marketing
First things first: The Rise of mobile
One thing I have to make clear from the start, everything I mention from now on applies much more to mobile devices (phones, tablets etc)than to traditional computers.. People have changed the way they consume information and there are now more people accessing the internet from their mobile devices than actual computers. This is huge,as it basically means marketing and business/customer relations have changed to a new, never-before seen, level of personal interaction. 
There;s never been a better time to engage your customers and gain valuable clients, 24-7 worldwide! Let’s see what you need to be doing to ensure your business is visible across billions of digital screens all over the globe: 
Search Engine Optimization is the process by which we help Google and other search engines find your website. Having a highly optimized website is a must if you want people to find it. Do not forget, Google receives more than 3 billion search queries EVERY DAY - there are people out there looking for your product/service but is your website easy to find? 
Know your keywords: This is key to a successful SEO campaign and  it’s not as hard a task as you might think. Here is the trick: If you were a customer trying to buy a product that your business sells, what would you type in Google to find it? Well, these are the terms and words you want to use for your SEO as these are the keywords that will make you money.
“Never forget, making money in the digital era is all about the same simple process:  Measure, analyze, improve.
Measure everything: SEO is not an art, it’s a science.  Thanks to Google analytics, there is nothing on a webpage we cannot measure. From the number of people that actually land on a page, the time they spend there, where are they focusing their attention, the buttons that get clicked the most. the lists just goes on and on. 
The one thing you need to know is that by measuring every single interaction that happens from your site you can,with just a few small  changes, turn you normal site into a mean,lean.selling funnel for your product. 
Content marketing in the digital era
Having a blog on your website is a great tool it allows you to build a strong community, present yourself as an expert in your field and use the power of content and social media to showcase your business to the entire world.
Creating good quality content that does well online and proves useful to your community (made up returning and potential customers) can indeed be difficult, but there are steps you can follow in order for your content to have more impact. 
Engagement and relationship building with your audience is one of the most important factors that will dictate whether your business succeeds or fails in the online world. Ask questions, write directly for your audience, what do they want to know about? Show them that you are the expert in your industry and that informing them is your priority 
Storytelling is key to increasing engagement and interaction with your customers, and ultimately, ensuring your online business grows beyond what you thought would be possible.
Use social networks to show your work and knowledge. Thanks to Google, Facebook and other content sharing platforms, social signals i.e how much people interact, share and like your content online, have become a ranking factor in Google search engine and are major traffic generators. 
**DO NOT EVER FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY ON SALES, people have enough annoying online marketers bombarding them with thousands of offers and special sales on social media and through their email, you don’t need to be another one of those annoying people.  
Your blog will make you money because people know you are the expert in your field thanks to the amazing, useful and beautifully designed content you regularly create.  They can tell through your content that you know what you are doing and (next time they need some help) will think of you first as the expert.
Social Media Marketing
As a respectable online marketeer I have to remind you to always stick to the social network that works for you i.e the one your potential customers like to use. : 
Make sure your business is represented and engages with your community on Facebook and Google+ (because you get a few advantages when it comes to Google search if you are active on this social network)
Apart from that, Facebook (with it’s 1.35 billion users) is the marketing tool of the future and should become your main focus. Considering the fact that over 90% of mobile device users in Thailand will check their Facebook accounts multiple times every single day, there’s absolutely no reason (unless you don’t want to make money) not to be promoting your business on the social media Goliath.
Google Adwords
Have you ever noticed all the links to websites that appear above and on the sides of Google Search Pages (also known as SERP’s) well my friend, those are the Search Network Ads! 
Each single one of these links are paid advertisements that reach you on your desktop and mobile version of Google search, and are a very powerful tool for attracting potential customers to your business (without having to work hard to get to the top of Google organically).
Given the immense power Google has to drive customers and money into any business, it is extremely important for you to learn to use it well. Remember, for all the power that this system has to bring customers to your site, if your campaign is not set properly, it could also mean thousands upon thousands of wasted dollars. 
For most corporations and organizations that wish to remain competitive in our ever more internet-based world (the fact that people are increasingly buying using mobile devices makes Google even more powerful and profitable tool) hiring an in house Google Adwords advertiser is becoming standard practise.
If your business does not have an Adwords expert then start asking around for an agency that offers Adwords management.If done well, there’s nothing more powerful than this which can reach billions of potential customers.
What should you take away from all of this?
Things do indeed move fast, marketing, advertisement and the general day to day activities of most business are steadily (if not completely) moving away from traditional practices into the the digital/online world.  Never forget it is not the strongest, but the most adaptable that will survive during these dynamic, fast-paced technological times. 
Are you preparing and adapting accordingly?  Or will your business just join the never-ending list of ventures that failed to see the changing trends of the future? Get ready, be prepared, dinosaurs die the quickest during times of change, and the future is certainly here.