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A Guide To Marketing In Today's Digital World

With the way that the internet has developed over the last 10 years, it is no wonder that digital marketing is now the best way to promote your business. Statistics show that Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines!

So what exactly is Digital Marketing? And more importantly, how can it help your business?


Digital Marketing Defined

The term “digital marketing” refers to the promotion and advertisement of your business through digital media channels. This includes websites, radio, TV, social networks, mobile and blogs. Basically any form of marketing that is delivered digitally.

This leaves only a few traditional types of person to person marketing such as print advertising outside the digital marketing umbrella. However, even this traditional type of marketing is connecting to its ‎digital counterparts with things such as QR codes and web addresses.


Why The Shift To Digital?

In December 2000 there were an estimated 361 million internet users, today that figure has risen to 2.4 billion. When you advertise through the internet you are able to put your business in front of people who are specifically looking for your products or services.

Digital media such as websites, social media and mobile advertising is also much easier to track than print advertising for instance.

Promoting your business through digital marketing can also be much cheaper than print advertising. Engaging potential customers through social media, blogs and email marketing ensures that you can keep your customers up to date with your business and any new services, whereas print advertising most often limits you to a single page.

Digital advertising is a must. Gone are the days of thumbing through a phonebook to look for goods and services.


Digital Media – Building Your Brand

It doesn't matter how large or small your business is, marketing through digital channels can be very effective. The foundation of your digital presence will be your company website. It is important that you invest wisely in your website and make sure that it does the following:


  • Adequately  represents your company and brand
  • Reaches  out to your target audience
  • Can  be found in the search engines 
  • Provides  up-to-date information and is easily navigable 
  • Provides  numerous channels for customer interaction
  • Connects  to your other marketing efforts (social media etc)

It is always recommended that you work alongside a professional web design company that is skilled in this area, as well as search engine optimisation. Your website should be one of your top business investments.

Once you have your website ready, you should start thinking about how best to connect with your customers. Social media platforms are very powerful interaction tools. Consider setting up a business page on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, amongst others. You can also launch a monthly email campaign such as a newsletter to keep your customers up-to-date with your business.

If you really want to succeed with your online marketing, you should set aside a budget for search engine optimisation, or pay-per-click advertising. Most businesses rely heavily on being found by people searching for their services on sites such as Google. It is misconception that simply having a website means that people will find it. Your site needs to be optimised correctly in order for the search engines to rank it highly.

Beyond search engine marketing, social media and email, you can also venture into the other areas of digital marketing such as radio advertisements, television and electronic billboards. Whatever marketing effort you choose, it should always connect and tie into your foundation – Your business website.


PPCnSEO are a Digital Marketing and Web Design company based in Pattaya Thailand. If you want to take your business to the next level with its marketing campaigns contact our sales team today on 038412067 or visit us at www.ppcnseo.com