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7 Reasons you are missing out on profits because your business is not using online banner Ads.


By Matias Berra 

  1. It completes your branding circle.
    Online display advertising does not really replace traditional methods of advertising, it completes the branding circle. The Internet with its billions of users around the world has huge potential to open new opportunities for businesses to grow and expand.

    Tri-media advertising – print, radio and TV ads– alone cannot reach every market anymore particularly when building brands. You need to compliment your efforts with online advertising to tap the Web’s enormous market (especially now that mobile devices account for most searches online).

    I mean, look at what we do at the Pattaya Trader. We understand how important it is in these modern times to be able to provide a complete platform for your brand, all our advertising packages include print, radio and online banner advertisements on one of Pattaya’s longest running and most popular websites: www.pattayatrader.com
    By acquiring one of our multi-media packages you can ensure your business is visible to Pattaya residents on all platforms from the get-go.

  1. Avoid expensive long term contracts.
    Advertising can cost you big time. It is made more costly if you are forced to sign up for long term advertising when you only need short exposures e.g. for the promotion of an event or upcoming sale.

    Online display advertising can be as short as it is necessary. It costs less and can also give you the opportunity to control and make changes to your campaign based on the performance of the ads. For example, advertising on www.pattayatrader.com you can choose any amount of time your Ad will show. If you have an upcoming event in 2 weeks? No problem! We will run your ad until the date of the event and then turn it off when you no longer need it you pay for exactly the amount of days your advert shows, - it’s that easy.

  1. Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting.
    Do you want another run to get a second or a third chance to capture a target market? You’re target market may not be converted the first time they see your banner ads; that happens quite often.

    Display advertising through remarketing is a great way to remind customers of your products or services.Maybe a second visit is just what they need to convert them.

    When it comes to remarketing, we can actually offer you more than one option. Sure, you can always arrange for a remarketing campaign on our pattaya trader website, so lets say, every 3 weeks you will remind users of your brand by displaying your ads for a couple of days OR we can help you set up a Google Adwords campaign with a remarketing option!


The Pattaya Trader Website gets between 30 to 60,000 hits per month with its ever

changing, updating content and classified advertisements its therefore a great site to

be featured on.

Also our digital marketing department,known as Voova Digital, specialises in creating

Adwords Campaign for local business. These online advertising campaigns are PPC

(Pay Per Click) which means you only pay when a user clicks on your adf and goes to

your webpage.?

Adwords remarketing is one of the most powerful tools in existence, we online

marketers can use it to target your market very accurately, ensuring we always bring


  1. Look like a big fish and gain trust.
    You want your target market to trust your brand. Being a big player carries with it the connotation of credibility and reliability, traits that are not so easily achieved in online marketing.

    Guess what? Banner Ads are the easiest way to place yourself side-by-side with the big boys in town! When it comes to value for your buck, online web-banners definitely win because of how easy (and relatively cheap) it is to access the same spots where already established, industry-leading business are doing their online advertising.

  1. Entice your target by knowing their interests.
    If you know your target demographics, you can understand their interests and what can captivate them. Use this knowledge to design your display ads to entice and grab their attention. For instance, younger targets are normally interested in social media and celebrity icons, while young professionals can be interested in niches like health, family, and business.

    What’s that? You don’t have a design team to create the perfect enticing Banner for your audience? Well, you are in luck! We at the Pattaya Trader are lucky to have a talented team of energetic designers, they are creative, quick and ready to help you take the visuals of your business to the next level.

  1. Take advantage of A/B split testing.
    What constitutes a better strategy? Sometimes it is hard to say even when you understand your market. This is why having control in your advertising is good.

    We can help you test a strategy and change it when the feedback is not as good as you expect. We can track clicks and user interactions with your banners, this will tell us which versions are working better than others. While banners may work like giant billboards, when it comes to tweaking and improving them, doing it on a computer screen is certainly not as hard and costly as if it were a full size billboard !

    Remember ! Our design team will always be there to help you test many designs, we will help you find the best option, the one that brings you in the most money, the one that users respond best to... and then, we will improve it even further!

    Trust us, we make it easy for you and your business. Don’t worry about producing your quality end-product we can take care of your online marketing.

  1. Enjoy lower marketing cost.
    Well of course! Who doesn't like reduced costs? Online display advertising is not at all expensive; tri-media (TV, Radio and Print) and billboards typically cost more (a lot more!).

    In fact, banner advertising is leveling the playing field for small entrepreneurs with limited resources. With billions of Internet users, you can reach so much of your target market very inexpensively.

So are you using Web banners yet?

You might be missing out on some good business….

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