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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Banner Advertising!

By Glenn Cowan

Getting ahead in business nowadays very often means doing the things that your competitors aren't doing .When it comes to websites and digital marketing there are nearly always things you can do to help raise the profile of your business and generate more enquiries. In this post we will take a closer look at banner advertising and why it should be an integral element of your digital activities. However before we jump into the whys, let’s take a quick peek at what banner advertising is!

What is Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising is a form of online advertising that entails embedding an advertisement onto a webpage.These are intended to drive traffic to a specific website by linking to the website of the advertiser. People click on banners they find attractive and are then taken to the website to follow up their interest.To be fair, most people will have come into contact with some form of banner advertising when browsing online.

In the past banner adverts were very easy to spot as they didn’t always “match in” with the website that they were on. However, in recent times there has been a shift in the thought process of banner advertisers. Nowadays, effective banner advertising is a much more seamless process.Not only can banner advertising direct “ready to spend” visitors to your website it also has a potential SEO benefit too (more on that later).


Done well, banner advertising provides the opportunity to drive huge volumes of traffic to your website.

Where To Put Your Banner?

If banner advertising is starting to appeal, then you might well be thinking where you can place your banner? To make the most of any banner opportunity you will want to ensure it goes onto a site that has decent volumes of traffic.

One way that you can check this is to install the Alexa toolbar for Google Chrome - (Alexa are an Amazon.com owned company) specialise in giving insights into traffic and have a reputable ranking system.Once installed you just visit a website and then click on the Blue Alexa button in your toolbar to see the stats. You can then use these to compare against other sites that you might be thinking of advertising on.

The great thing about Alexa is that you can see global and localized rankings, giving you a bit more confidence about the potential strength of your banner advertising. So as an example, if you were on the Pattaya Trader website you would see that we are ranked 3910 in Thailand - which when you compare to other similar sites is very strong.

Choosing Locations That Match Up With Your Products / Services

Another important element to consider to maximize your banner effectiveness is to ensure it is located on pages that “match up” with your own products or services.An example of this could be a real estate agent featuring on the property section of the Pattaya Trader website. Where as a financial consultant or lawyer might want to be located on the business section.

Choosing the right location can make a big difference in the audience that see your banner and as a result is likely to improve the conversion action that a visitor takes when clicking on your banner.

Measuring Your Success!

One distinct advantage of online advertising is that it is highly measurable. UTM codes can easily be created to provide event tracking info, allowing you to tell what traffic has been generated from what specific banners.

These are set up within Google and can be found here - https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/

Traffic that is generated from a banner will be filtered into your Referral Channel from within Google Analytics allowing you to pull out data supporting the effectiveness of your campaign.

Design Tips For The Ideal Banner

When it comes to the design and styling of your banner there are some essentials that should be taken into account.You will want to make sure that your banner ties in with your existing company branding. This way, even if people aren’t clicking on your banner they are still gaining brand awareness. The old adage of “pictures painting a thousand words” remains true, especially when it comes to banner advertising.

So, less words and strong visuals are probably what you want when coming up with a banner design. If possible, try to include your phone number as this can produce instant enquires about your services. If you have a time-limited special offer, then this should always be included in your key message.There are some sites that will take care of the artwork and produce the finished banner for you. Another example of this is banner advertising on the Pattaya Trader website.

Additional Benefit of Backlinking From Banners

Aside from driving referral traffic to your site, a banner can also provide a “back-link” from the website.These can have an SEO benefit as Google and the other search engines will index these links and use them to formulate their rankings.

It should be noted that you will want to make sure that the site your banner is on is deemed to be “Google friendly” as it could also have a potential negative effect on your website. If in doubt, you should look to make sure that the link is a “no-follow’, rather than a “follow” link.

Reciprocating Banners On Other Sites

Placing a banner on a website will always involve some costs, however, it might be possible to negate part of the costs.Providing your website is of a suitable standing it could work well if you agree to place a banner on your site, directing visitors to the site that your paid banner will feature.

It won’t always work out, but could be something that is worth exploring.

Hopefully, this post has explained some of the key benefits of why your business should certainly be thinking of banner advertising.

What’s your plan now?