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10 Internet Marketing Techniques

Nowadays, Internet marketing revolves around innovation, which translates into the development of new platforms, the introduction of different channels allowing marketers to interact with clients, and the advent of a plethora of tools to track and improve performance.
The entirety of these techniques provides marketers with unique and quickly evolving opportunities to address and reel in the target demographics.
Let’s find out what you need to keep an eye out for this year.
Utilizing omni-channels in marketing infers the ability to leverage the data acquired via the customer interactions with your brand across all platforms. Marketers shouldn’t only focus on turning their websites friendlier for mobile users, but also on optimizing them for ALL operating systems.
Smart objects
The advent of mobile technology and the afferent software suggests that smart objects will become critical components of marketing campaigns, able to alter the customer’s expectation based on his individual experience and level of engagement. Don’t miss out!
Content marketing
Content has always constituted an important factor in marketing and SEO. This is why the new trends also revolve around optimizing the way it’s created. Thanks to improved analytics, marketers are now able to determine the functionality of content and adjust it accordingly.
Paid organic social exposure
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and numerous other social media platforms all provide marketers with ways to promote their campaigns in exchange for cash. Even newcomers like Pinterest or Instagram have various methods of amplifying the exposure of campaigns in a manner that is less invasive for the audience.
Influencer marketing
Influencers – individuals with a high authority in their field – are able to make or break a company’s image. Therefore, marketers should focus their efforts towards entering their graces. Tangible, personalized rewards are a great way to do so.
Visual web elements  
Appealing visual elements are the standard nowadays; users are no longer satisfied just by functional elements, considering that technology permits developers to create astounding ways to present the content.
Loyalty programs
Loyalty and particularly “reciprocal loyalty” programs involve a continuous relationship between the marketer and the client. Nurturing loyalty means personalizing the customer’s product experience and reward systems in exchange for brand advocacy and support.
Large scale data personalization
Thanks to high performance progress monitoring tools, marketers are able to better understand their audience and personalize campaigns accordingly, based on factors like behaviour, demographic and timing.
Concise, but powerful emotional stories that are consistent with the brand’s image are yet another trend that will dominate the marketing of 2014. It’s rather obvious that nowadays the attention span has shortened considerably and few people are willing to invest their time in watching or reading lengthy stories. Therefore, snippets that are actually able to provoke powerful emotions and make the viewer or reader relate to its story are shoo-in content this year.
Cross department innovations
The unified view of cross department specialists under the watchful hawk-eye of the senior marketers will allow the company to discover new ways to address the public, bring more demographic segments into the customer base and improve the user experience overall.

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