Client Engagement Agreement

This contract is made between Chang Siam Publishing Co., Ltd. Publishers of the Pattaya Trader & Property Trader and the advertiser.

The advertiser agrees to abide by the conditions of this contract with regard to payments, frequency, size, and duration.

  1. Our Fees
    1. Our advertising rates will be disclosed to the Client prior to Printing. The Client agrees to pay the agreed rate for advertising and is not conditional on the recommendations The fees and costs set out in this Agreement do not include VAT.
    2. Bespoke solutions will be agreed prior to implementation.
  2. Payment Terms
    1. Existing Customers
      The advertiser must pay for any advertising within 7 days of the invoice being presented. Late payment of the invoice will incur penalty interest being charged. The invoice will only be presented after the advertising appears in the PattayaTrader.
    2. New Customers
      The advertiser must pay the first invoice in advance at the time of booking in full. Subsequent payments as per existing customers.
    3. Payment should be made by Cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  3. Time-line and Distribution
    Chang Siam will undertake to publish and start distribution of the Pattaya Trader within the first week of each month. Every endeavor will be made to replenish stocks at major distribution points daily and at other locations frequently.
  4. Contract Duration and Cancellation Notice
    Should the advertiser wish to cancel the advertising at any time, notice must be given prior to the 14th day of the final month. A cancellation fee of 50% of any outstanding advertising will be levied. An invoice for this will be issued and must be paid for within 7 days. Any artwork done by Chang Siam will also be charged for following cancellation (if one or two insertions)
    This charge will include any consulting etc, conducted after the signing of the agreement.
  5. Ownership of Artwork
    Chang Siam will produce artwork for free, providing a minimum contract of 3 months is signed and agreed. Artwork produced by Chang Siam remains the property of Chang Siam and cannot be used in any other publication without permission. If the advertiser wishes to use the artwork elsewhere a charge will be levied.
  6. Deadlines
    Completed art must be submitted by the 22nd of the month prior to the publication. If Chang Siam are required to produce artwork for a client, this must be requested by the 18th of the month prior to publication, and must be approved by the advertiser no later than 22nd of the month. If art work is not received the advert will not be printed, and the advertiser will still be liable for the cost of the advert.
  7. Value Added Tax
    It is acknowledged that any supply under this agreement is subject to VAT which is the responsibility of the Client, who agrees to pay an additional amount to cover the going VAT rate, currently 7%
  8. Liability
    The Client agrees not to hold Chang Siam, its Officers or Affiliates responsible for any loss, damage or costs howsoever or wheresoever arising, including legal fees on a solicitor/own client basis, whether through negligence or otherwise, which the Client may suffer or for which the Client may become liable, arising out of or in connection with the engagement of Chang Siam or the services or software provided by Chang Siam.
  9. Pricing Reviews and Increases
    Chang Siam will guarantee to hold the advertisers current rate for 12 issues from the date of this contract subject to the advertiser remaining an advertiser for that period. Should the advertiser stop advertising and then re-advertise again a new contract will be entered into.