When it comes to buying and selling anything, there is still no better way than with a classified ad. It ensures a rapid, easy, and local sale. It will get you whatever you need, be it a cheap house, a new car, or the money from getting rid of your household clutter. There is no better publication for Pattaya classifieds than Pattaya Trader.


From lonely hearts to hearty loans, practically anything can be found in the pages of Pattaya Trader. You can find work, love, vehicles, business opportunities, furniture, gadgets, toys, electronics, and a lot more besides. If you have something you would like to sell, contact us and we can discuss how best we can help you. The free Pattaya Trader monthly magazine reaches audiences around the Pattaya area and as far afield as Bangkok while the website will reach people around the world, giving you the best chance of finding or selling whatever you need.