"Thailand Tour De Ski 2012”

On Saturday afternoon in front of the New Nordic Hotel, friends and family members of 3 Norwegian men, Mr. Kalle Kristensen, Mr. Peter Fagerland and Mr. Kjell Isak Sundbo gathered to congratulate these hardy fellows, who had roller-skied from Chiang Rai to Pattaya, a distance of over 1,000 km. These men dedicated their time and effort to host the “Thailand Tour De Ski 2012”, to raise  funds for a small school in their village in Chiang Rai, which lacks educational tools and materials for its students.

Mr. Kalle Kristensen and his wife have lived in this village for a while, and saw the needs of this school.  They started this charity drive with 2 friends, and departed from Chiang Rai on October 15th.  Along the way, the team sold many souvenirs and collected donations, and arrived in Pattaya with over 400,000 baht for the school.

Kalle has been roller-skiing in Thailand for 8 years now, and the notion of skiing from Chiang Rai to Pattaya had been in his thoughts since moving from Pattaya to Chiang Rai four years ago. The trip also caught the attention of Kalle’s home-country, Norway, where several newspapers followed the trip, as well as TV-channels in Thailand.  Next up is a celebration and welcome party on Monday, at Somsiri Garden Restaurant on Soi Pratamnak 4, where the travelers can relax after their long journey, plus raise some more funds by auctions.

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